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I am slowly getting better, I have a wee bit of that evil cough going on still but I have stopped my cough drop habit so that’s a step forward.

I am beyond thrilled that this upcoming Sunday, the farmers market super close to me will finally open up. I hope there are a lot of goodies.

I have a ton of emails to return still, I made somewhat of a dent into them last night.

I am a bit random today huh.

I miss talking to everyone. I need emails and all sorts of goodness! Oh, speaking of goodness, I got in the mail a lovely photo album and sparkley scarf and such from my friend Crystal! I love presents! I did some work for her (still have a bit more to do) so it’s nice getting well… presents in return lol. Tonight, my sister bought me tons of goodies from Bath and Body works and splurged on dinner for me and Daniel! So awesome and nice of her!

I am still trying to come to terms with my feelings on mainstream parenting. Part of it is resentment that they do not have to defend every aspect of their parenting where as I personally have to deal with people’s anger (yes, anger) over child-led weaning, co-sleeping, no vax, no hitting (yes, spanking IS hitting), no leashes (this is a new one that was brought up on a MB I am a member of), etc.

“I shouldn’t have to defend parenting naturally or respecting children.”

I shouldn’t have to defend parenting naturally or respecting children. I am so tired of people equating discipline with hitting, screaming, belittling, shaming, and disrespecting children. I am tired of people expecting CHILDREN to act like adults instead of realising they are only children. A four year old is acting like a four year old, not to piss you off or to manipulate you. Just as you are behaving like a 20 yr old, 30 yr old, 40 yr old. It really fustrates me how inappropriate adults are around and towards children.

Onto other things, I took Danny to the park (well many parks) yesterday and managed to get a few photos. I really really need another media card for my camera. I am more than willing to do some extra work for paypal to get another 512MB or even 1GB card before Thursday (going to the Chicago Botanical Gardens after work, plus the strawberry festival and pride parade later this month).


posted on June 6th 2006 at 8:14AM CDT

I think sometimes, unless it’s a debate type setting, it’s best to say “Look, you may not agree that I do X, but I don’t agree that you do Y, so let’s just drop it”.  Unless it’s something like child abuse, I suppose there are some things not worth starting up over.  It only ends up with both parties getting defensive and frustrated. 

I do honestly think that education is the key in a lot of situations, like BFing.  I just don’t think women get the support they need unless they’re online searching for the information and resources.

So maybe it’s finding the middle ground between giving information to a parent and condemning them for their choices.  Honestly, I think everyone could do well to try and find that middle ground.

posted on June 15th 2006 at 10:18AM CDT

I agree with the no hitting thing. Violence is violence—and those who hit little children are the worst offenders, IMO.