De-Lurking Week

January 10th 2006 / 1 minute to read

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comment comment comment comment. oh wait. it says a comment. i think i left a few too many.

Reply to MareKat24

Found you by way of Nikki!  Hello!

Reply to maricar

I had no idea such a holiday existed. Does that mean we can uncork some champagne?


Hello!  :-)

Reply to Rebecca

Hi! I’ve commented here before though I’m definitely guilty of lurking most places. This is a cute idea.

Reply to Jenn

Happy De-Lurking week! Cool blog!  :)

Reply to Salena

Hi back, Sarah!!!


Gorgeous site & great photography!

Reply to Kirsten

Hey, Crys, hope you see this, I tried to comment on your blog but I was told I needed to log in, and when I tried, WordPress wouldn’t accept my log-in information! So maybe people are trying to comment on your site but can’t?

Reply to Kirsten

Hi! This is my first visit, but definitely won’t be my last!

Reply to Tania

Hi!!! Comment de-lurking is fun and all, but I’m with Mari on the champagne thing.

Reply to Jaz

Hi! I found you via me! :D

Reply to Jimmie

hehehe…I lurk sometimes. But I am a member…is that really lurking then? I usually blurb out something when I feel the need. LOL! (waves) I hope that you are having a fabulous day.

Reply to Lani

Dunno if I’m exactly a lurker, but I find myself randomly hitting this site for no reason quite a bit!

Reply to Rose

I just stumbled across this site and thought I should comment in honor of De-Lurking week.  Although, usually I refrain if I’ve got absolutely nothing of interest to say…

Reply to Elea

Commenting :)

Reply to Laura

Happy De-Lurking week, and all that. :D

Reply to Sarah

Hello! I’m a fellow EE user, I came here from the pMachine site. :)

Reply to Yvonne

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