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For all the stupid idiots out there that think I chose the name Sprite for all my online endevors for the crappy coke drink well screw you! You are very very wrong…here is the definition for Sprite and the one for Spunky!

sprite also spright (sprt).
A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or a pixy.
An elflike person.
A specter or ghost.
Archaic. A soul.
[Middle English spreit, from Old French espirit, from Latin spritus; see spirit.]
sprite n : small, human in form, playful, having magical powers [syn: fairy, faery, faerie]
spunk?y (spngk)
adj. spunk?i?er, spunk?i?est. Informal
Spirited; plucky.

My sister is plucky ahhahahhahahahhaa

I think I will have a section for the most stupid Palace convo of the day! I swear just because I wear an avatar with a pentacle I made does not mean I am inviting little wannabes to be like “Im wikkan tew” I personally do not CARE what religion other people are and I don’t wear the avatar I MADE so I can have little stupid comments like that! I don’t understand why people feel they need to comment on something that never had anything to DO with them…..I don’t force people to LOOK at the av or read my blog or any of that crap….well lets see if I have anything to do at this time in the morning………..hello hello…are you out there………