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November 19th 2010 / 1 minute to read

Delurk and comment!

If this is your first visit, say hi! Been coming by for the past decade? Let me know!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

Album Art for Open Your Eyes

DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes


These pics are GORGEOUS. Art in general is one of my passions but since I no longer have time to paint I have taken up photography as well. There’s nothing like creating.

Reply to Summer

Thank you!!! I think it’s the only creative outlet I’m good at actually. I’ve tried doing other mediums like knitting, painting, clay, sewing, and never really did well at all lol.


Where you lack in the other mediums, you certainly make up for in Photography. Stellar!

Reply to Summer

Thank you! I’m hoping I get some more snowflake photos this year, I actually can’t remember the last time I used my macro! I’ve been using my 85mm all the time lately heh.


Popping in to say hi! Loving the red in those leaves. =)

Reply to jerry

Hi! Thank you! I’m sad though, almost all of the trees around here are now barren. Feels VERY “November” lol.


HEY!!! :)

Reply to Danielle


Ooo, nice photos! I love it when leaves turn red.

And Hi! I almost wrote you yesterday to beg for WordPress help, but I eventually got the result I wanted. :-)

Thank you!

Ohhh what was the WP problem and what was your solution?

I was trying to customize an existing template to use for my Dad’s blog and I was having trouble adjusting the space around the headings. There are SO many settings that it’s hard to find the one you want when you’re rooting through the style sheets. But I finally located it. :-) I need to spend some time learning more CSS but I tend to get intimidated by new things so I haven’t made it a priority.

I HIGHLY suggest learning CSS. Most themes/designs/etc are based on it!


*raises hand shyly* Hi! I’ve been coming by more like… the past six months? I commented on your recent birthday post and that was it.

Those red leaves are awesome, by the way! Here all the leaves are gone and old snow from a few days ago is covering the ground, so it’s nice to see it’s still fall in some places :)

Reply to Kat

Hi!! Thank you!!

Most of the leaves are gone now, it’s pretty sad. I’m semi excited for snow but… then reality hits of how long Winter tends to FEEL around here with two active boys lol.


Love your blog, and the photos! Absolutely beautiful.

Oh, and HI!!

Reply to Rachel

Hi!!! Thank you so much!!


I’ve been coming here for quite a while but I am a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE commenter. I’m a horrible blogger too, but that’s a whole other story!

Just wanted to drop a comment and say that your photography is and always has been absolutely stunning! As are your layouts! They definitely keep me coming back on a regular basis!

Reply to Whitters

Aww thank you!! I always wonder if people get bored when I just post photos lol.

Good day to you, Sarah! And those are lovely photos, as ever.

Thank you!!


Hi! (waves) I hope you and the family have a great Turkey Day! :D

Reply to rilana

Thank you! I plan on making a TON of food, even though it’s “just us”. I bought a 20lb turkey lol!


Nice leaves! While in CA we get some leaves that change color, it is mostly just yellow. That color red is amazing. Also, HI.

Reply to Amy

Thank you! That’s the one thing I DON’T miss about living in Arizona, lack of Autumn!

Just stopping by to say HI! I know I haven’t been around much but nonetheless, your pictures are so gorgeous…as usual!

HI! Aww thank you, I do try!


Heya heya, miss!

I haven’t popped out of the feedreader in a while, but this new layout is gorgeous. Well done!

Reply to erin

Thank you! I think I will keep it the same sort of look, but change the images and such for Winter.


I’m pretty sure you know I read your blogs, but if not, HELLO. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, as I’ve told you, I’ve been in a funk. I need to come by soon, maybe even tonight (if you aren’t too busy and I’m not a zombie of course!) <3

Reply to Jenn

I didn’t want to stalk text! Maybe stop by tomorrow?


LOL! I didn’t check this soon enough! Gosh, it seems I forget everything when i open! And don’t ever worry about stalk texting lol, i’m totally fine with it unless you’re a creepy boy or a hippy. Text me when you guys are free, and i’ll try to come by.

Reply to Jenn

Beautiful pictures! I just want to hug the trees.

Thank you! I wish we had those kinds of trees in our yard. All we have are pine really which… in the Winter is “classic” but the rest of the year drives me nuts lol.


the trees are pretty… ♥ just dropped by to say hi! ;)

Reply to arveemarie

Hi!! Thank you so much!


Hey there! I haven’t been visiting for a decade, but for several months now for sure. Your photographs are beautiful as always.

Hope you’re doing well.

Reply to Ashley

Thank you! I’m doing… better. I am REALLY excited for Winter/Christmas this year though! I can’t wait to decorate, do crafts with the kids, bake a ton of cookies with them, etc!

Balanced Melting Pot

Hello! I’ve been “lurking” for the past few months and absolutely love the look of your blog. I also appreciate your honesty in your posts and how you only write when you have something to say ;-) I’m in awe!

Reply to Balanced Melting Pot

Yay thank you! LOL I struggle so much lately on what to blog about, it’s just SO different than when I first started or heck, so different from just 2-3 yrs ago!


Saying ‘Hi’ and also saying that the colours in these images are wonderful. Your pictures are always an inspiration, thanks for sharing them.

Reply to Darren

Aww thank you so much!


Erm, I think I was too short before. I’ll try again: Hi!!

Reply to Amy

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