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Do you believe Jesus died for your sins

So here I am at work… when one of the older sewer guys whose only here for a few weeks to get a few bucks before going back south… asks me:

“Sarah… do you go to church?”

I said, no I do not go to church. He then proceeds to ask me if I believed in God. I said why yes, I do believe there are Gods. Just that I don’t believe in the Christian ideal of “God”. He then asked why I don’t go to church. I said because I am not of those types of religions. He said he was once like that before he realised all along that Jesus was trying to save him.

He then asks me if I believed that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I responded, well… I believe there was a Jesus and he died on the cross. Maybe he believed he was dying to save people but I don’t think he died for me personally.

Uh yeah. So yeah. He’s the relative of my bosses aka owners of this business so I’m not all pissy about it since he’s older and they come from Tennessee and such. Still… what an odd way to start the day!

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