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New design… again.

I took Danny to the Chicago Botanic Gardens yesterday, it was awesome, but at the end of our visit I got hit with the most intense and painful migraine. I could hardly stand. It was awful. I quickly took my Excedrin but no relief. On the long drive home I started seeing fuchsia auras and when I got home, hallucinated that there was bugs crawling all over the ceiling. My sister came over and took Danny out with her to the mall so I could rest.

After dozing a bit, I felt good enough to meet them at the mall. I tried on a pair of jeans in one size smaller… and they fit! I will by them with my coupon on Nov 11th. So she bought Danny a new power ranger toy, then we went to store and then her apartment where I made a greek salad and she made fantastic spinach, tomato, feta pita pizzas. So good.

I am cracked out. Still in a bit of pain. Just really out of it.

I updated Imagine to reflect the design change and of course, tons of new photos from today. I am also looking for photolog link affiliates and buddies!

I sure hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks back one hour for those states that follow daylight saving time (daylight SAVINGS time is improper, I am so wise).

I will be going through and removing members that haven’t been logged in for more than 30 days.

As usual, I would appreciate tons of feedback on everything!

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posted on October 29th 2006 at 8:48AM CST

waa if you like i have a Photoblog, it take time for me for updated it, maybe now i can je je :P

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posted on October 29th 2006 at 9:10PM CST

wow sarah.
just wow.
your layouts are beutiful.
all of them.
you are very talented.

whats wrong with you people not commenting on these beutiful layouts?
shame, shame, shame.

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posted on October 29th 2006 at 10:20PM CST

Just curious, why don’t you go to the doctor about your frequent migranes?  Using prescribed migrane medication might actually help.  (Just a suggestion.)

I love your new layout, especially the nifty OSN in the left corner.

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posted on October 30th 2006 at 10:15AM CST

Wow. What a great lay out. I love the little tabs and the OSN in the corner. Awesome.

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posted on November 2nd 2006 at 10:16AM CST

this design is fabulous!  I love the colors – and just the WAY it’s set up is really cool! :-)