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Album Art for Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots

Interstate Love Song

3 hours ago

Album Art for Get Some


Get Some

3 hours ago

Album Art for Guilty



3 hours ago


Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

Another Good Show

Wow, ABC is on a roll with the new shows lately! I really enjoyed The Company You Keep.

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posted on July 25th 2005 at 10:29PM CDT

keep it! this thing is a LEGEND!

posted on July 25th 2005 at 10:38PM CDT

KEEP IT! it’s so you!

posted on July 26th 2005 at 5:05PM CDT

Keep it! The domain and you are one. Don’t give that up.

posted on July 27th 2005 at 9:46AM CDT

I think sometimes we outgrow domains. SO my thought is if you really feel like this one has served it’s purpose and you’re ready to move on – move on.

posted on July 31st 2005 at 1:39AM CDT

Keep it because the one time I was away from the internet for a Very long time, one of the only couple domains I remembered was this one. :) It just stuck with me.  But if you must, you must. Just as long as if it’s a public one, Let me know! :)~

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