Don’t Ask Me To Stay

December 17th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

This photo was taken at the Notebaert Nature Museum and is what I used for the challenge this week for OneLotus.

The last few days I’ve reverted back to coffee drinking. You can’t go wrong for a buck and a quarter for a large coffee, as much as I wish I had enough money for a daily Starbucks vanilla latte. Although, it’s gotten quite offensive that people tell me constantly to switch to decaf as some sort of joke simply because I talk fast. I also type fast, cook fast, and trying to control the urge to drive fast. It’s just… super irritating. It’s all I can do to fake laugh and not straight out ask the person why they would say something cruel to me. It’s not “funny” to make fun of me simply because I talk quickly when in a good mood. Has anyone else had a similar situation happen?

I managed to do laundry and my grocery shopping today which was a feat in itself because I had a migraine that lasted through 5 pills and almost 24 hours. I feel better now but really worn out. I can’t wait already for the farmer’s markets to re-open. I feel like I am eating way too much meat and carbs which make me feel sick after awhile. Oh and not sure if anyone even notices but I’ve lost 41.4 lbs so far. I should really figure out a way to work out.

I seriously need to keep a car kit or something because this afternoon when I went to do my shopping, my tire was practically flat! So I went and filled it with air (yay for free air from gas stations!) but I can’t believe I never noticed that it had a problem before. So if you have one, what do you keep in your vehicle for maintenance and emergency situations?


A very interesting article, The Right to Bear SLRs. A Wired reporter followed Thomas Hawk around for a day and the article is about a security guard that decided to have a temper tantrum when Thomas was taking photos.

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Nice pic. Dramatic and eye-catching. I know how irritating is is when people make the same comment over and over again, thinking they’re being funny but they’re not. Why don’t you get the message across and tell them you’re tired of hearing that? I like your “about” portion =) It’s very witty =)

That is incredible! You can almost see right through the wings. . . .

Wonderful photo.


I don’t drink much coffee, I try to stay away from it for different reasons. but I DO talk fast and all that when I’m in a good mood. I don’t think it’s so funny to tell you to switch to decaf. tell them to remove the stick from their ass? : P

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