April 29th 2002 / 1 minute to read

You may have noticed OSN was down, that was caused from Denial of Service attacks on my hosting provider. All should be well now!!
Check out the new board at Wisdom!
Matt went apt/house for rent hunting today, I hope he finds something. When I told his bitchy “friend” David we were not going to Columbus after all he said, “You guys are probably better off there anyhow. You can get a nice trailor and have shitty jobs.”
Gee, just because we did not want to live near you…at least we are better parents and do not use our child to scam money off of our families.
Anyways, Matt was like “well, I guess he’s out of my life then, finally.” So, geez!!
I hope everything works properly now, I am looking for more hostees and perhaps make new projects! I will blog more later when I have two hands free hehe.

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