March 25th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

where to start??? well a certain Council member in Elven flipped out about me…hmmm I have to wonder if its jealousy that people know WHO I AM? I don’t care if people dislike me the fact they dislike me means they take notice of me and what I do which in a way is like admiration…I guess I have an ego about it…as my friend Crys said something along the lines that I am infamous in Elven people KNOW who I am and thats true ……any publicity is good publicity because it makes people want to see what the big deal is. I was REALLY surprised to hear that a person who at one time was the MOST against me defended me last night so that was my little silver lining. I seriously have to wonder if people realize I am a *REAL* person behind the comp? I get upset when I see and hear these awful things about me when most of these people have NO guts to talk to me to my face! Most people are pretty surprised that I really don’t have a grudge towards them since they had one towards me for so long. On another note…I got Crys to get into the blog/diary phase! *claps* my mission to convert everyone to vent!! You can see her journal at *Cry’s Journal* so be sure to check it out! Man oh man I dunno what to do now! I feel like crap my sinuses HURT! *reminds me to take more tylenol sinus* Yay Matt just brought me up hotdogs! I haven’t had them in a LONG time!! Im listening to NSync singing Here and Now which my friend Melody told me of cause Lance has a solo!!! *Lance 4 life* and this song is just UH ADORE!!EEEEe just noticed people signed the guestbook! WOOHOO i LOVE when people sign the guestbook! and its healthy BIG like entries!! WOOHOOO!!! feeling loveddddd well thats it for the moment!! *off to find something cool to do or see*

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