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You know what is driving me nuts? When people just assume they should be in the special group! Not everyone is special like YOU!

It’s snowing those big snowflakes right now, I hope it’s the kind of snow that I can make a snowman with.

I am so very irritated on some level with Matt because he’s been acting… like a human being lately. I actually recieved a physical gift from him to our son, and he has been “concerned” with my feelings. It’s just weird to me because I don’t have those sorts of feelings for anymore. He is supposedly going to send Daniel a gift card to some store as well. Sometimes I miss him in the sense of having someone there for me, sleeping with someone (nice & naughty ehhe), being able to cook for someone (Daniel could care less really), having another adult to talk to besides just my sister.

It’s just hard this time of year because I can’t suck up my time playing outdoors and Daniel is involved in his own stuff when I get home (the sucky part of him getting older and more independant!).

At the very least I paid my bills so any money I have for the rest of the money will go to groceries and presents!