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posted on December 29th 2004 at 9:13PM CST

The Wal-Mart here has a big bin of $5.50 DVDs that are actually worth watching. Maybe your Wal-Mart there also has something like that?

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posted on December 29th 2004 at 10:17PM CST

That all depends on what you’re looking for.  Like Josephine says Walmart as well as other major department stores always have a cheap bin of the oldies but goodies and not so goodies. If you’re looking for newer movies though many of the rental places sell their pre-viewed DVD’s cheaper from 9-11 bucks and often will have buy 2 get 1 free specials. Sam’s clubs (if you have them) or other warehouse stores depending on what’s in your area also have very large selections of reasonably priced DVDs – Look around you’ll find them everywhere!