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Should I make websets/layouts?? Lament and I just had a convo and she said well look below…
Lamen?: (6:38 PM) u should make web graphics too
Princess Sprite: (6:40 PM) AAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA you have GOT to be kidding me
Lamen?: (6:40 PM) NO!! NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!
Princess Sprite: (6:41 PM) dude i am NOT that GOOD for making sets for people i mean YOU are THAT good hence my constant bowing down to you
Lamen?: (6:42 PM) you’re better than u think you are, obviously..and obviously you have a desire to keep making graphics, hence the constant changes on your website…look at it this way…even if you’re not good (which is completely false) you can at least have an outlet, and then you can see how many hits/downloads you get

hmmm should i shouldn’t i? to be libran! ahahhahahahahahhahaa