EM Cosmetics Waterliner and Lipstick Review

September 15th 2013 / 3 minutes to read


When I heard that a major YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan had started a cosmetics line backed by L’Oreal… I got curious. I couldn’t find any reviews but I found a ton of complaints about the packaging (even though no one had actually seen or purchased it) and the price point.

So when a promotion was released to purchase a full sized lipstick and waterliner (eyeliner) at a discount and get a deluxe sample of the bigger palettes (that contain eyeshadows, lip products, and cheek products) for $27.50, I thought… why not!


From the image on the website I was sort of expecting a “full” sample (the main palettes have four quadrants) but to get three shadows and a lip color for free? Not going to complain.


this rich, creamy lipcolor is infused with conditioning oils.

I purchased Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in DareDevil. I really like the lipstick. Creamy, great texture, amazingly pigmented. The packaging is actually metal, not plastic like people assumed based on the white color. It feels pretty nice in your hand, I feel the price point is spot on here.



Ahh the eyeliner or Waterliner as it’s called because it’s supposed to be amazing on the waterline. I purchased the shade Royal Amethyst.

this richly pigmented liner grabs everywhere, including your waterline—without budging or smudging.

Ahh for a product called Waterliner and claims to be geared towards the waterline specifically… it was a fail there for me. I’m sure, based on the swatch, that it would be fine UNDER the lower lash line or even great on the upper lash line but the waterline? No. It sheered out, clumped up on my lashes, and overall was really bad for my waterline.

I find it interesting that a lot of the time with a brand, their black eyeliners tend to work fine, but once you get into a brighter color, tends to have issues. Not sure if it’s a ME issue or a THEM issue.

I love that it comes with a smudger AND sharpener. It is a mechanical pencil though so the sharpener is a bit… odd. It’s mainly there to slightly sharpen the tip. I didn’t have the best of luck with it but I’m clumsy in general.


For the sample eyeshadows:

create the perfect look with creamy, high pigment colors that blend like a dream.

The eyeshadows are pretty and well coordinated. The quality is fine, the pigment is fine, but for the price point? I’m expecting a texture like I would get from Urban Decay, Dior, or Lancome. I’d liken the texture to more of a higher end drugstore eyeshadow (like L’Oreal, Maybelline, CoverGirl). Not super dry, decent pigmentation, and blendable.

Would I purchase anything from this line again? Hmm, not unless prices change or they get more unique shades and formulas. I don’t feel like the lip colors are super unique although the formula is wonderful, the Waterliner just failed for me, and the eyeshadows aren’t crazy amazing (in terms of texture and shades).

Price: Waterliner – $20 | Lipstick – $16.50
Where to Buy: EM Cosmetics

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This is the second bad-ish review of EM that I’ve seen in a week. The first I saw reviewed the mascara and said that it fell within 2-3 hours of wear, and she hadn’t touched her eyes at all. It was smudging off. She also said that the sheer lipsticks were way too pigmented to be called sheer, and that the shadows were “CoverGirl” quality.

I think I’ll stay away. To expensive for not a really great line.

Yeah, it’s just not worth the money they’re asking for. I’m not sure WHERE the money goes honestly, because it’s not going into the products, it’s not going into the packaging…

Jessica Love

Hai Sarah, What is the shade of the lipstick?

Reply to Jessica Love

Hi! It’s the Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in DareDevil

Donah @ SweetJellyBean

Hello Sarah! Thanks for this review. I’ve been meaning to pick up the Get Started with Em Kit but keep missing the offer haha but I think this week, I will definitely purchase. I’ve just been going through the web for reviews and came across yours. That lipstick looks amazing, shade wise and I’m glad that formula is ok. I actually own the em mascara from my Ipsy bag and I have to say that it’s amazing compare to what I’ve read about it so far. I mean it’s not something to go crazy about but it does hold more than 3 hours or so and the fact that it doesn’t get my eyes all watery or red (have very sensitive eyes)
Too bad about the waterliner though :(

xx Donah @ SJB

Reply to Donah @ SweetJellyBean

Which EM mascara did you get? Maybe it’s a different formula than the one I got?

I do want to try the Ro’s Gold and Sunshine waterliners, I do realize that purple eyeliners generally have issues overall… sort of like white nail polish LOL… so I’m wondering if going for a more shimmery / lighter shade would work better with their formula.

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