December 20th 2007 / 2 minutes to read

Yet again we are sick, I am so congested that I can’t sleep and breathing is no longer an option. My immune system seems to be utterly shot.

I am so very angry lately. Angry because my ex, my son’s father, seems to have forgotten that he even has a son. Hasn’t acknowledged his son for Christmas at all, doesn’t seem to plan on it either. I’m not surprised though, you really can’t go from pathetic to… pathetic. I would rather be a single mother than be disgusted every day.

Angry that 6 years of friendship was over in a flash simply because I chose not to be in a specific WoW guild. That’s right, 6 years of friendship over a game guild. Yep.

Angry that I only have $30 to last the next 8 days and my gas tank is almost on empty. We have no groceries, and forget about Christmas cards or presents, considering I only have $3.75 a day to live on until I get paid again. The joy of stuff being processed without my knowledge.

I’m not even normally an angry person so I really do not like how this all feels.

Anyway, lastly here’s a photo from when I took the wee one sledding yesterday, it was pretty late considering the sun sets around 4pm right now.


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Hi Sarah.

You don’t know me because we’ve never met or even emailed.  I’ve been reading your website for a while and I just love your photography – you inspired me to buy my own camera and I’m slowly learning and gaining joy from it.

The reason I’m emailing you is that I just went to your Amazon wishlist and purchased three books for you, as well as an additional book about fairies that I think you’ll love!  So you WILL have Christmas presents – even if they don’t arrive until the 27th of December because of late

I’m not sure why I wanted to buy you a gift – possibly because I make a good amount of money and I remember what it was like when I didn’t and how much someone buying me books when I couldn’t afford it would have meant to me.

Merry Christmas Sarah!


Reply to Maree

I’m still shocked over the WoW Guild thing. What kind of crap? Ugh.

Here’s to hoping that you and your little one get over your colds, we’ve got the sniffles too.

I hope you have a blessed holiday and feel free to let the anger out. God knows that I do..

Also, here’s to having a new year filled with much more cheer for all of us.

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