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We haven’t done much today, took a very long walk in the forest preserve, about to go to a different one for more photos and such.

Daniel got a box of some clothes from his father today. I still can’t believe my 4 1/2 yr old needs clothing long enough for a 6 year old.

Tonight we are going to Sweet Tomatoes and grocery shopping with my sister since starting tomorrow it will be Mexican dinner week (the week after will most likely be greek) so any Mexican dinner suggestions would be great! Also, she is selling a Gold Amethyst Crescent Moon with a Diamond Star necklace on ebay so check it out!

I also got the cutest birthday card from Lisa Marie yesterday! This birthday is actually turning itself around from years past I am beyond surprised!

Oh and *waves* HI! I feel like I’m losing contact with everyone!

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posted on October 15th 2006 at 5:00PM CDT

Happy early birthday! :D