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Today I took Danny to the Graue Mill we walked in the forest a few miles and went to the actual mill for a tour where he got to grind corn into corn meal and wheat into flour. I bought a huge bag and made cornbread with tonight’s dinner of greek tomato feta shrimp. Tasty!

Imagine has been updated with a billion photos including those from today’s outing, emotastic self portraits of me, and a portrait of my son. Good times! I really REALLY would love feedback… on everything, because I don’t (sadly) seem to get much in reguards to Imagine.

This weekend has gone by so fast and that sucks. I wish I had enough money just to drag Danny with me all over to take photos outside all day every day! Woe.

I’m pondering RSS feeds for the “Why I Love”, “Autumn”, and comments of OSN. Thoughts? Hell, does anyone use my RSS feed for main OSN entries? I want a logo. Desperately. I suck with logos. Suggestions?

I have to renew OSN by November 2nd, should I?


Quick note, on the first (orange) sidebar I added a new section called Musical. The lyrics link to the mp3 which right now I am using “yousendit” for. Any suggestions for better offsite hosting for mp3’s would be appreciated!

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posted on October 24th 2006 at 2:12PM CDT

Yes, renew OSN! I want you to be my wedding photographer too. I would have such amazing pics if you were, I know it.

I am not really sure what’s up with RSS. So…