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My appointment was at 11am….I didn’t get seen by even the NURSE until 12:15pm THEN I got seen by my OB around 12:30pm!!!!!! My blood pressure was high but no wonder after all the stress from the past few days. I am measuring at 35 weeks. So that is a week ahead. The OB made a comment that we might have a big baby. Well DUH! I get my group B strep culture done at my next visit on Dec 17th. I had to ASK him about it! I swear I want a new ob so damn bad but I am way too far in my pregnancy to switch over. Paid the rent. Fun. Matt has from like Tuesday until Friday or Sat off from work. Totally messed up. UGH all this stress is so not good for me and the baby but I can’t escape it! Well I am going to browse some sites since this is the first time I’ve been online all day *gasp* shocking I know heh but once the baby is here I won’t be on as much which won’t be too big of a difference since most of what I do takes place in an hour once a day. Okey going to frolick now.