First off, Jess and I finally were able to expand our flickr group, so go check out ONELOTUS.NU!!! We are so excited, we never imagined our little flickr group would have more than well… us, and here we are, over 150 members strong! Anyone who is interested in photography from 13 yrs old to 103 years old, just took their first photograph yesterday or is a pro, we completely welcome you and hope you join!

Also, because of the cuteness, here’s a photo of my son!

Faux Hawk

I get told he looks a bit like me.


What do you think?

Remember, ONELOTUS!!!

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posted on June 1st 2007 at 12:44PM CST

Oh I can’t wait to go see OneLotus! Congratulations! I know you worked so, hard on it! And the pics are great. I love them. You and Danny have an almost prism type of thing going on with your eyes. They look great.

posted on June 1st 2007 at 6:55PM CST

Your son looks so old in that picture!  And very very much like you, wow.  He’ll never have that little kid fear of having been adopted (or was that just me?).

And now I’m going to go join OneLotus, it looks like so much fun!

P.S.  Thank you for the compliment on my picture!  It means so much coming from you, as I absolutely adore and admire your photography.

posted on June 1st 2007 at 9:52PM CST

You two definitely look alike!  Certainly in the mouth area.. and there’s something about the eyes.

posted on June 2nd 2007 at 2:57AM CST

Its the eyes and the lips :)

Loving the mohawk ;D

posted on June 3rd 2007 at 2:01PM CST

wow he’s so cute….so obviously you resemble each other. :)

posted on June 5th 2007 at 12:00PM CST

Wow.. yea, there’s definitely a resemblance.

posted on June 5th 2007 at 3:33PM CST

Your son is So cute. Definitely a little handsome dude. He’s gonna be a heart-breaker!

And you DO look alike! It’s the lips I think.

posted on June 5th 2007 at 10:37PM CST

Thank you everyone so much!

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