Facebook Timeline… for Pages!

February 29th 2012 / 2 minutes to read

The timeline we all adore (or despise) on our PERSONAL Facebook profile’s have now been moved over to pages!

Right now you can set it up in preview mode to get a feel for it before it’s rolled out no matter what on March 30th.

Here’s a list of some changes I’ve noticed.

No More Landing Page
That’s right. The fancy “Welcome” tab we’ve all worked so hard on? Obsolete! The tab will still exist but now you aren’t able to define a “landing” page.

Cover Page Image
You know how you have a header image on your blog? Same concept. The image dimensions are 850px by 315px. Make it pretty! It’s the first thing people will see now so if you are a blogger with a fan page, try to have it be consistent with your blog header.

Apparently, you are not supposed to have any call to action’s in the cover page image. A call to action would be something like, “LIKE this page!” or “Make sure to subscribe to ALL my various social media stuff!”. If you’re a store, you aren’t allowed to put special pricing or coupon codes in the cover page image either. It’s meant to be pretty basically and that’s it.

Sticky “Pinned” Posts
You can choose a post to be “sticky” (which Facebook is calling a pin) for up to 7 days at the top of the page.

People can now contact you DIRECTLY via Facebook’s messaging feature. This could be good for those of us with smaller more intimate pages but I fear for those of you with LARGE followings (with trolls and the like) this could be potentially bad. Luckily, it’s an OPTION which means you can turn it off.

Activity Log
This is a nifty feature! It let’s you (the admin) see every post AND every MENTION of the post by a Facebook user.

So will you be embracing the change? I’d love it if you’d link YOUR FB fan page if it’s using the timeline feature!

Check out my Facebook Fan Page for OSN!

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thanks for the explanation! quick question: can people only message me when i’m logged into FB as my page, or can they message me on my personal account as well?

They can NOT message you on your personal account. It’ll show as a notification (like when someone comments on your status on your fan page) and you can view it in the admin panel.

Joni Rae

I was just looking at the timeline thing! Thanks for clarifying it!


Reply to Joni Rae


Amanda Jillian

I’m going to go make my cover photo now! I love timeline =]

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I love the display of it, just wish the Page area had more Page specific fun features lol.

Amanda Jillian

That would be nice, I don’t like that the landing page is gone now.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I turned this on for my page, http://www.facebook.com/TheNaturalPathBliss yesterday and I LOVE it. I’d been hoping that they would do it soon. Thank you for this wonderful blog post.

Reply to Branwen

Love the new timeline page :)

Reply to Damita

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