I downloaded 18 mp3s today. Only 13 left on my current “want to download” list! It feels weird to go to my OB again so soon. I wonder what I will feel like when I go every WEEK! It is SO funny! I think I turned Matt into a breastfeeding activist! He gets ALL offended when he sees a baby getting formula or when we watch A Baby Story or Birth Day and sees these mothers have these complete and total natrual home births give their babies ABM *artificial breastmilk* and don’t get him started on the epidural! Or the breaking of the bag of waters by doctors! Cracks me up sometimes. He will be a good father. I got a little reminder card from WIC today, reminding me about my Dec 10th appointment to get my next series of WIC coupons AND to take a breastfeeding class! How awesome! I wonder if WIC gives you anything neat for breastfeeding? I heard some give you a pump! That would be cool since that seems to be the fastest way to relive engorgement when ever that happens to me. I still wish I knew some mothers to be or mothers my age and breastfeeding or heck even just my age! I need to somehow get a book of stamps on Monday, I need to write Nicki back, send out bills that are due next week, maybe do some christmas cards perhaps! I cleaned my desk today. It actually looks like I have room. Took some amusing pictures of Matt hehe. Found my webcam although I have no clue what I should do with it! Also found an unused roll of Kodax Advantix film but my advantix camera broke and somehow ended up with Ali in Illinois so I have no clue what to do with that particular roll of film. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas. Actually by Christmas if I go into labor and have the baby all will be well because by then I will be considered “full term”. Hmm I guess I am going to check some of my pregnancy sites and message boards and then most likely go to bed!