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August 9th 2009 / 1 minute to read

Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite social network and why? I really do prefer Twitter, because it’s quick, it’s easy, and if I need one, I can get a response to a question or support in general fairly quickly. Doesn’t feel like I’m speaking to the void so much. I also added this as a poll on the sidebar.

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I’d say it’s a toss-up between Twitter and Facebook, because I use them for different reasons. Facebook lets me see what’s going on with people I actually know, while Twitter lets me follow interesting people and kindred spirits I’ve never met. And I feel a bit freer using Twitter, because the people there don’t know me in real life. I’m a bit more guarded on Facebook because relatives and work colleagues have access to my updates there.

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I use Twitter more than anything else. I hardly ever log in to my myspace or facebook anymore, they’re just boring.

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My favourite is Facebook. I can’t stand MySpace, however I do like Twitter. Twitter is more fun than Facebook overall though.

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I definitely use Twitter and Facebook the most, but I’m a part of a whole bunch of different social networks and I do enjoy them all for different reasons.

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Twitter, myspace is full of people trying to be famous and facebook is just full of drama…

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Myspace is horribly organized and I’ve never joined Twitter, so facebook wins by default.

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I find I use different networks for different things – I have too many fingers in too many pies. But for personal stuff, I’d have to say twitter.

My favorite is MySpace, just because it allows me to keep up with people in the real world. Twitter would be my favorite for online happenings, as I agree it’s quick and easy to drop someone a line.


I use Twitter the most. I’m always updating. However, I do use Facebook quite a bit too. Twitter I use for my online life/friends and Facebook is more offline based, for me at least. :)

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With facebook, at first, it was a bit thrilling to friend EVERYONE. After awhile though it got to the point where I really felt like I was speaking to the void. Not that I need a response on EVERYTHING, but when asking specific questions or recently when I mentioned about Tiger’s passing, it was a bit… sad to not get a single “sorry”.

With myspace it seems to be for the drama type people. All about partying, “baby mama drama”, etc.

I adore twitter I really do, it just seems more friendly, and with the joy of hash tags you can get an answer within minutes to almost any question!


I like twitter personally. It’s quick, loads fast, and typically doesn’t have a bunch of other garbage I have to sift through such as apps (disabled) or games/etc.

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