February, So Far

February 10th 2023 / 3 minutes to read

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This week I had my first blood work appointment of the year since I go every six to eight weeks. They know me by now at Quest. Since it’s the start of the year we are doing a ton, I am so nervous about the results, because I feel like I can’t seem to stabilize.

I hope my vitamin regimen has helped improve, well, anything. I take a ton of supplements so much so that I even got a rainbow pill organizer, it holds everything I take, which considering its over 16 pills in varying shapes and sizes, is nice to have.

This is the blood work we are doing this time.

  • comprehensive metabolic panel
  • plasma
  • CBC (includes diff/plt)
  • ferritin
  • hemoglobin a1c
  • vitamin d,25-oh,total,ia
  • vitamin b12
  • SED rate by modified Westergren
  • lipid panel, standard
  • TSH
  • t3, free
  • t4, free
  • thyroid peroxidase antibodies
  • cardio iq(r) homocysteine
  • ana multiplex w/reflex 11 ab cascade, ana screen, ifa, w/refl titer/pattern (refl)

I’m trying to figure out why I started getting positive ANA tests in the summer of 2021 when previously, they had been negative. All we know is I don’t have lupus. So that’s why we are doing the cascade, to see if we can narrow it down.

So after my appointment, I made a small Amazon order to get more of my favorite Nespresso pods. I was surprised that they arrived only a few hours later. When I don’t feel well enough to make espresso by hand, my teenage son will make me a latte using our Nespresso.

Then after dinner, I renewed my WP Rocket subscription for the year. I tried to use WP Super Cache for a bit but it just does not compare. I spent some time on Mastodon, if you have an account, share it with me, I need more people to follow!

As I did last month, I changed up my iPad home screen for February.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching if it’s possible to scrobble Apple Music from an AppleTV with Last.fm. No, it’s not. There, I saved you hours of going down a rabbit hole for a dumb reason. A workaround is to use AirPlay from my MacBook Pro, but I wish there was a way to do it natively.

Does anyone else feel like we haven’t really had a winter? It’s already in the high 40s and low 50s.

Has anyone else been watching the Mayfair Witches on AMC? I haven’t read the books in decades but I feel like they are doing them justice. Now, their Interview with the Vampire adaptation was flawless perfection. Lestat was… ugh… so good!

As always, I have made improvements and additions to all pages. Some changes you can see, some you can’t. For as little as I post, I do work on OSN daily!

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Hope these blood tests will give you some solid answers.

Thank you, I hope so too.


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