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Great captures!

Thank you!

Those colors are just amazing!!! It is amazing how everyday a fence is, yet how a few dead leaves can make it interesting again.

Thank you so much!


So glad to see a picture post! You’re pictures are art! Did the Autumn goodness inspire you?

Reply to Amanda

Thank you! I do wish we had gone earlier / it wasn’t so cloudy when we did go (just the forest preserve), but I feel like I’ve completely missed Autumn already.

I have more photos (not a heck of a lot) that I will try and post soon too.

Barb / Shaarilla

Love them.

Reply to Barb / Shaarilla

Thank you!

Amanda Jillian


Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you!!

kristen @ glambunctious

Wow! These photos! I am absolutely mad for them all. Amazing, Sarah!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

Yay! Thank you!!!

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