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First Day

So I had my first day of work yesterday. Not bad. I mostly did folding clothes, putting clothes away, greeting people, helping people into fitting rooms. I did make the major mistake of forgetting to eat and drink the entire day… I won’t do that again heh.

Right now it’s “Sophie’s Closet” for those of you who know what that means… but my dad can’t take me to the Mall this weekend and I asked my sister to take me but she flat out said “NO!” because she isn’t able to use my discount. It’s like… geez. So I am missing out on it. At least shes being a good sister and taking me and chubs to the ren faire. It was a blast last year and I’m sure it will be fun this year. She is very awesome to go to faire’s with. Very fun!

I am so tired of being lied to. I want to scream at the top of my lungs fuck you to everyone. Why can’t I have just one day where everything is nice and calm and happy? No there is always something going on. There just has got to be more to life than all of this.

posted on August 9th 2003 at 7:18PM CDT

I’m so glad your first day of work went well! I know how it is to neglect eating/drinking at work…but it ends up backfiring because you can feel pretty darn crappy without it. Eat next time! Yummy food. :-)

…and I agree about the last part of your entry. sadly. :(

Angel Whispers
posted on August 9th 2003 at 7:31PM CDT

Glad your first day at work went well, Sarah.  Next time make sure you eat something, girl!  *shaking head*

posted on August 10th 2003 at 9:49AM CDT

AW is always trying to get people to eat! haha… Glad your first day went well.  And you know that question you asked … Is this all there is?  I’m still asking it.  If you find the answer before I do, let me know.

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