First Snow, New Sling, Photos Galore!

December 7th 2009 / 2 minutes to read

I’ve been so excited, it’s finally starting to snow!

I took some photos today when my oldest son, Daniel, and I went outside to play for a bit while baby Tristan chilled with daddy.




It’s finally starting to hit us that Christmas/Yule is coming up shortly. We really are trying to make this an awesome holiday, especially for Danny, since last year he spent the holidays with his biological father and it was utterly miserable for him. We plan on getting the Wii for his massive gift since my twin sister promised us some games and accessories she no longer wants so it really helps us out financially. I would love to do something with holiday cards, but I don’t know what exactly, perhaps a holiday card exchange of some sort? We are going to try and get the tree up in the next week or so, I can’t wait, I am ALL about the pretty lights, can we say upcoming bokeh shots!

In other exciting (for me anyway!) news, I received a brand new ring sling in the mail from my friend Gina of The Feminist Breeder. I LOVE IT! Not to mention the bag she included, she picked out the perfect fabric for me!







Tristan adores the new sling, even more than the Moby Wrap! I think because I tend to put him facing forward in the new sling, so he doesn’t get to miss any of the action! What type of baby carrier do you prefer and why?

Lastly, I’ve been curious, for the photographers out there, what do you do with your prints? I don’t have the money to buy frames so we have them up on the walls around the house with just push pins and I feel like I’m not displaying them properly.



Of course, here’s some photos of Tristan being the uber squish today!



Questions Asked: Recap

  • Holiday card exchange?
  • What type of baby carrier do you prefer and why?
  • How do you display your photography prints?

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OMG, he really is an uber-squish. I just want to chew on his face. ooohhh.. I miss the new-baby-ness. Hoping I can have one of those in about another 18 months.

I’m so glad you posted pics of you wearing the sling. I sent them to my friend Rita, who made it. She’ll be so excited to see her handywork in action.

.-= {TheFeministBreeder´s shared blog entry… Growing Up Poor, White Trash} =-.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

@TheFeministBreeder, does Rita have a blog or anything online I can link? It’s so cute with Tristan, he was BORN with the multiple chins, it was the first thing I noticed, second thing was how light his eyebrows are lol. I LOVE the sling, seriously, ADORE IT!


Wal-Mart actually has some pretty reasonably priced frames nowadays, or you could always go thrifting, buy a bunch of 8×10’s on the cheap and paint them all one color to match :D

Do you guys celebrate both Christmas and Yule? With each year that passes, I lose more interest in the traditional Christmas festivities, I swear I’m almost bitter with all of the commercialism. This year it’s the winter solstice and the festival of lights as far as my personal celebrating goes. Other than that I’m holiday’ed out.

Reply to Brent

@Brent, the problem is my prints are 8.5×11″ so I need a bigger frame!

I celebrate Christmas for the presents lol, I celebrate Yule for the spiritual aspect. I find more happiness with the snow, the lights, the spirit of the season overall.


I like bulldog clips to hang photos — clip the photo, hang the clip, and you’re good to go! Example here:

You can also string them like this: (I really don’t like the board backing; I’d just clip the clips to the cord itself)

Reply to Tasha

Oh, I love that idea of stringing the photos up! I have a ton of family photos that I wanted to hang in my hallway, but wanted to do something different (and less expensive) than a bunch of frames. Thanks for sharing!


You can make your own frames, it would probably be really fun for danny.

You need a ruler (a right-angle ruler helps, but a regular straight one is fine- just take your time!!), an xacto knife and then craft supplies (scissors, tape, glue).

Now, when you have a nice, sturdy cardboard box you’re done with you break it down, take your ruler and knife and cut your frame, then space for the picture inside and wrap it with decorative paper (christmas paper would work, I have a big pack of scrapbook paper from walmart). Attach the paper with glue or tape, tape your picture to the back and hang with ribbon or however you like. You can decorate it with other things on top of the paper. Fun, and you can replace them whenever you like.

Angel hates his moby :P he hates being in it, no matter the wrap I try. Daddy tried to buy other slings but I told him to put them back. This kid just wants arms around him all the time. I’m so jealous of sling/wrap baby-mommas!!

Reply to Echo

As always, your photos are beautiful! I have always envied your ability to take gorgeous photos, particularly of Daniel and now of Tristan! And yes, he is quite the uber squish. He’s not even my baby and I want to come over and squish him!

I used a Hotsling with my son — so easy to use, I loved it! I had a ring sling for Alyssa, but I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, so I gave up lol. That print is gorgeous, and yes, definitely fitting for you!

We put our tree up last night, and I love it! Now I just wish there were more lights on it. I swear, next year I’m going to triple the amount of lights!

And I’d love to exchange Christmas cards with you! Email me and I’ll send you my PO box address! :)

Reply to Jenn

That is funny because I put up a lot of pics around my house with push pins! I was also wondering if I should find another way but…it is so quick, easy, and cheap! I was googling wall collages last night and was thinking about doing that too. I do have some pics in frames, too.

I have 4 different carriers/slings but my 4-month-old prefers my arms to all of them. LOL. I might try a new sling though…

Reply to Jeanette

@Tasha, that’s a really cool idea! I bet we have a ton of those clips around here somewhere…

@Echo, ohhh that would be a fun craft to do with Daniel! When it comes to babywearing, I’ve discovered that if he doesn’t like the wrap one week, he may love it the next. Just keep trying different holds, maybe a different baby carrier?

@Jenn, aww thank you!! I’ve found the ring sling super easy to use, something I would use more for short shopping trips and use the Moby for all day adventures like the Brookfield Zoo (yes our good friend Jen got us a membership, I am SO excited about it!

I am ALL about the holiday lights, thankfully Keith has a billion boxes of lights… I am not even kidding, over 20 boxes of white christmas lights. Hell yes!

I will shoot you an email with my mailing address in a bit!

@Jeanette, I try to comfort myself with the fact that they are CLEAR pushpins, as if that makes any difference lol.

Oh like I was saying to Echo earlier in this response, sometimes babies change their mind, so keep trying, try different holds, maybe the baby likes being in a sling/wrap outside but not indoors, etc.


No, Rita doesn’t have a blog. She doesn’t even make slings for money, it’s just something she loves to do for all her friends. I sent her a link to your blog though and she was really happy to hear how much you liked it. You took SUCH great pictures of it too! I have major camera-envy.
.-= {TheFeministBreeder´s shared blog entry… Growing Up Poor, White Trash} =-.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Awww that sucks! Tell her to set up a blog or Etsy shop! I am glad she (and you!) enjoy the photos! I have a reallllly old Nikon D50. If I didn’t know how to shoot manual it would take really awful “auto” shots because it’s so freaking old lol.


I love the photos you have in your home, even if they’re not in frames! I don’t consider myself the photographer you are at all, but I hate the fact that we have NO photos up on the walls.

Gorgeous stuff. Love the first one of Danny in the snow and the ones of you and Tristan in the sling. How cool of The Feminist Breeder!
.-= {Lynda´s shared blog entry… 2009 in Review: Part I} =-.

Reply to Lynda

Oh thank you Lynda!! It just drives me nuts because I want to paint the house but we are waiting until Spring to do so. I need more ink for my printer, I can only print about 8-10 photos before all the ink runs out which sucks!


Love the picture of Danny throwing the snow!
.-= {Alicia´s shared blog entry… Merry fish-mess.} =-.

Reply to Alicia

Love your prints. :)


For 0-9months my son lived in a kangaroo korner fleece pouch.
9-18months was a didymos woven wrap – so comfortable and supportive.
18-24(where he is now)- an ergo & wrap sometimes.
I’ve tried hotslings, ringslings, mei tais, babyhawk mei tais, maya wraps, multiple bjorns, yadda yadda blah blah – and the three above (fleece pouch, woven wrap, ergo) are by far the best.

Love the scrunchy babe. Makes my ovaries salivate. :P

Reply to Kat

I love that sling! It’s gorgeous. Would write more but am in messed up tandem wearing position…


I love your photos! I haven’t seen a single photo that I don’t like. Tristan and Danny are beautiful boys.
I am loving the new ring sling you got from @TheFeministBreeder. I’m using an Infantino carrier right now and I’m not happy with it. I’m actually looking to replace it with a ring sling.
As far as my daughter’s moldy bread goes…she will NOT be conducting further experiments, no matter how scientifically interesting they may be! LOL
Have a great day. :)
.-= {Kristi´s shared blog entry… A Very Merry SITSmas} =-.

Reply to Kristi

@Alicia, thank you! He had so much fun throwing snowballs AT me lol.

@Kat, thank you! I also would like to get a woven wrap, just wondering which one I want. Could you explain the pros/cons of an Ergo?

@existere, thank you! Babywearing for life yo!

@Kristi, thank you so much! I have to say I really enjoy the ring sling, it’s so much easier to use when outside of the house.


I have a Nojo ring sling that I really like. I have always heard/read that it is one of the worst so I would fall inlove with a “real” sling if I had one!

And I thought you would like this…today I just got 200 nice steel push pins from Amazon! Bought specifically for pics! Haha! I always make multiple copies of my pics so I can hang some up that way and not care so much if they get dusty, etc. Plus some of my walls look like downright crappy and I don’t have time to worry about painting so I like just covering up a big area of wall with some great pics. I am 35 but I decorate like a teenager still! Having band posters in living room would be totally acceptable in my book. :)

Reply to Jeanette

Daniel looks so much like you, you could never deny him! And Tristan is just so squishy and adorable. I do like the fabric of the baby sling you got. He looks very content in it as well! As for my photos, most go in albums around here…though the ones I have up are in frames, nothing fancy just the cheap ones from Wal-Mart or the Dollar store. I wish I had more up though.
.-= {Kecia´s shared blog entry… The Hiatus is Over…} =-.

Desiree Fawn

Ah — what sweet photos. I love that new sling fabric — it’s so beautiful!
.-= {Desiree Fawn´s shared blog entry… How Her Eyes Glow (8×10 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph)} =-.

Reply to Desiree Fawn

I should take a look at slings, I think. So far I just use baby-wraps, and your sling seems to be much easier to set up properly. Our son is nearly eight month old and it’s time to place him on my hip when carrying him around in the wrap.

Concerning your photos, I actually like the way you display your photos: Some frames tend to alter the perception of a photo, and since your wall is painted in one color without any patterns it appears that the photos are framed by the wall color anyway.
This way, it feels as if every photo is a piece of art on it’s own, while it’s part of a bigger artwork at the same time.
What about replacing the pins with something like powerstrips? This would attach your photos to the wall in an entirely invisble way.

Reply to Christian

Ah, the snow. How envious of you I am. I’m dealing with rain, wind and tornadoes :/ I want some snow.

I think those string and clip sets would be a brilliant want to display for photos. Makes for very easy changing out as well. Sadly, I don’t have any of my photographs printed, they are still all on my external hard drive. I would love to eventually do something with them though.

The sling is gorgeous! My sister’s would have loved to have something like that. I must keep it in mind if they ever had more children :)

An über-squish is right! Adorable!!

I’m sending out cards today, so do let me know if you’d like to exchange addresses.

Reply to Chrissy

@Jeanette, I seem to use the ring sling way more for short outings and the Moby wrap for longer trips. Omg that is awesome about the pushpins lol. I was at Borders today and saw all sorts of cute ones like ladybugs and though those would be cute to use on spring photographs lol.

@Kecia, that means SO MUCH to me! Tristan has totally (aside from the mouth) taken his genes from his daddy. I need to blog a photo comparison of when Keith was a baby because it’s crazy! I hadn’t considered photo albums before lol I’m not sure why!

@Desiree Fawn, thank you! Gina really rocked out with the fabric, I am so in love with it!

@Christian, the ring sling is much easier to use but isn’t as customizable as a wrap, so both have their pro/cons. Thank you for your comment about my photos! You’re right, having a painted wall IS like having a frame in a way! It really has me considering a different paint color (we need to repaint the inside of the house anyway) to show the photos off better. What is a powerstrip for photos?

@Chrissy, it’s supposed to snow a TON tonight, I’m curious if it will be enough to make a snowman or go sledding.


HAHAHAHAHAH Tristan has drool bubbles!!!! Danny is all like sup yo check out me in my beenie.

Reply to Ali

I know right! Just like Danny, Tristan is full of the drool lol.

Your little one is SO adorable!

Thank you so much! It looks like he inherited his daddy’s red hair too, I am very curious how that will be once he’s older!


Your starry sling is gorgeous! I wish Sleepywrap offered prints like that because I’d totally buy one.
.-= {shared blog entry – badass} =-.

Reply to Erin

Scuse typos; NAK!

I am such an idiot.. popped over here a few weeks ago to have a *squeee* at pics of your new bubs, and totally glossed over the sling stuff. About a week later I discover babywearing, think it’s fairly uncommon and yet everyone’s doing it!

@Erin, It would be nice seeing prints when it comes to wraps!

@Jem, ALL of my online time is breastfeeding time lol. Only way I can get anything done! More and more I prefer the ring sling as it’s just faster to use although with the wrap I feel more secure in being hands-free. Ah pros/cons to everything I suppose!

Aww thank you so much!

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