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Beautiful! I think the first one is my favorite. The veins in the leaf really stand out.

Reply to Courtney

Thank you so much!


Wow so pretty! I always love your photos. It makes me want to hurry up and get my new camera already! :P

Those colorful leaves are gorgeous! So crisp.

Reply to Kristin

Thank you Kristin!


Love love LOVE that third one. The colors are AWESOME.

Reply to Catie

I know, that’s my favorite too!

And Miles To Go....

those photos make me long for Fall!! Beautiful.

Reply to And Miles To Go....

Oh same here. I can’t WAIT for Autumn!

kate/high altitude gardening

Very pretty. I’m a sucker for orange poppies… :)

Reply to kate/high altitude gardening

Oh thank you! I thought they were so pretty when they were in bloom at the botanic garden!

I like the color of the leaves especially the third one, it’s multi-colored.

Oh yes, a sure sign of the Autumn to come!


Pretty flowers, but I love the leaves (have been out collecting leaves this morning for some craftiness maybe later today :) )

Happy WW!

Reply to amandab

Thank you! I am really excited for Autumn this year, hopefully we get a good colorful season!

Lovely job with the light. I love the third one too.

Thank you so much! The 3rd one, the autumny strawberry leaf, is my favorite too.

The Lamb

great shots! the first is my fav!

Reply to The Lamb

Yay thank you!!

Maira Grove

The entire series is beautiful, though I think I’m in love with the first one…

Reply to Maira Grove

Thank you so very much!

They’re all beautiful shots, but the large leaf turning colors makes me crave Autumn!

Oh same here, I am SO SO SOOOO excited about this season!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Where do you find such beautiful leaves to photograph? You have an observant eye.

I love the deep green veins on the first one, too. It really draws you in. I also love how the colors pop in the last three. Beautiful!

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Thank you! Pretty much 3 places. My yard. The botanic garden. Lastly, the local parks.

Gorgeous photos, as always Sarah! I can’t wait for Fall to come around. The cooler temps will be a great relief for the nasty hot weather here in Georgia and…I can’t wait to see what you’ll photograph in the Fall. I’m willing to bet that it’ll be GOR-GEOUS!
Hey, I’m moving much closer to your neck of the woods next week. Goodbye Georgia. Hello Missouri! Hope you’re having a fabulous week. Take care.

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Aww thank you! Oh I am totally hoping for a colorful season this year. Plus apple picking and pumpkin picking!


Stunning photos as usual, Sarah! I really love that orange flower one because the contrasts between the flower and the leaves are just amazing! :D

Reply to Maureen

Aww thank you! I love poppies, maybe next year I will attempt to grow some in my own yard lol.


wow. how do you do that? I didn’t do one for today. I wrote about my mom shoes instead, which is strangely not what the little button is linking to!
Anyway, these are beautiful as always.

Reply to Andrea

Thank you Andrea!!


I love that first one and then the third one (leaf changing colors). Happy WW! You have some amazing photos.

Reply to homemom3

Aww thank you! The third one is my favorite!


These made my heart happy :)

The third one is my favorite.

Reply to Natalie

It’s my favorite too! I LOVE the different colors and just the texture of the leaf too.

Joni Rae

Oh! Love that leaf with the purple! So pretty!


Reply to Joni Rae

Thank you! It is one of my favorite shots!


Is there anything that you arent good at! Damn you!!!! :)

Reply to Veronica

LOL I don’t see that in myself at ALL but thank you!


those are beautiful photos :D you’re so awesome hehe

Reply to Jenny

Aww thank you so much Jenny!!


The third picture, oh my goodness, SO beautiful. The colors are fantastic, beautifully captured.

Reply to Ashley

Thank you! I AM SOOO excited about Autumn. I really hope we have a colorful season this year!


Your photography is absolutely beautiful! I love it :)

Reply to Deidre

Aww thank you so much! I really would love to expand a little bit but just haven’t had the free time to do so lately!

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