Eh more and more I am getting stressed out about everything, the baby, bills, life in general, evil people, milk prices…..more so on milk prices hehe. I kept having freaky dreams about weird kittens…like evil kittens that spoke…it was bizzare.

Hmm what else…I am very pleased to see that I have becomed mentioned or actually linked up on some kick ass sites. Also both Morgan and I have noticed my counter hits *as opposed to my actual stats which I rarely go by heh* have jumped up a lot in the past 3 days. I wonder why? Not that I mind, I find it pretty darn cool.

I’ve been leaking a lot more…funnnn…it amuses Matt a great deal. I wonder what it will be like once my milk actually comes in? It is kind of hard that I don’t know anyone my age that has kids and breastfed them…I am not against formula per say but its the “easy” way out…I mean heck why would someone WANT to give their kid their best start in life? Let’s just give them a bottle of artifical breastmilk and teach them to prop the bottle up at 3 months.

Don’t even GET me started on mothers my age who pass their kids off onto other people. It just blows my mind. I mean I would never do that..ugh my mind is all swirly that my thoughts aren’t turning into actual sentences!

Let’s see anything else? I will probably take down the forums sometime today as they are driving me nuts…people register but nothing shows up on the actual page…and it just ehhh is a waste of space right now. I would rather host a few more people, actually do the projects I am thinking bout doing, and be perky and light hehe. Okey going to do that now I supposed and update all the pages and add a link or two!