Fruit and Vegetables

January 2nd 2005 / 1 minute to read

What is (or are) your favorite fruit and vegetable and why?

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Favorite fruit is either mango or I have recently become addicted to pomegranates and favorite vegetable is probably brocolli or cucumber. Why? Well um I am not sure why…cause I like that tastes I guess. lol I will have to think on that one and get back to you.

Reply to Sharon

I pretty much like them all. I suppose it’s because I’m a child of nature and we like those things haha…

Reply to Barb

Mmm, I like nealy all vegetables and fruit(I’m a vegeteian so It kinda helps hehehe).Favourites maybe are brocholi and apple.

Reply to Jennifer

Favorite fruits are tomatoes, berries (all of them), tangerines (love that zing), lemons, & limes. I just love tart things I suppose. I like melons and such, too.

Favorite veggies? Broccoli, cucumbers, okra, squash, asparagus. I am a veggie kinda gal. I do hate rutabegas, though. LOL.

Reply to Asherah

I guess it depends on the season.  – asparagus, broccoli and tomatoes are top of my list.  But like others who have posted, I like most veggies in general.

Reply to SQUONK

Ooops – I forgot to say why.  When I eat my favorite veggies they make me feel good as I have done something special for myself by selecting the best, preparing them in a way that I think is the greatest and eating them with those I love (my family).  Some veggies are associated with different things and I like to think that some of these associations are true.  I think fresh veggies are the best and I eat them raw if possible or cook them very little to bring out their best color and flavor.

Reply to SQUONK

Passion fruit.  Sounds dirty.

Reply to Aaron

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