I can’t stop crying today has been so bad.

First my bosses both had to leave asap to go out of state. So I’m in charge until Monday/Tuesday for the office and checks and credit cards and all of that shit.

I come home (not even going into HOW BAD WORK WAS TODAY) and my son is all frantic because gods fucking forbid I try to be near my son. So I said “fine, let grandpa change you on his bed” because my FATHER fucking dumped all of my clean clothes on the floor to “find” a pair of Daniel’s shorts… cause you know GOING IN DANIEL’S DRESSER IS TOO FUCKING HARD.

So I told my father, “look I am just having a really bad day” and he goes “HAH BAD DAY?! I’M THE ONE THAT HAS TO WATCH YOUR SON FOR YOU TO WORK” umm EXCUSE ME!??! So I call my TWIN sister mind you and just start telling her how shitty this day has been and what our father said and she says to me, “well its not our fault you got pregnant at 19” like that has ANYTHING to do with it.

Just… omg I am going to explode mentally.

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posted on July 13th 2005 at 11:03PM CDT

Your family is so ridiculious I don’t even know what to say about it! ugh. i just wanted to give you *HUGS*

posted on July 13th 2005 at 11:17PM CDT

Gah… that is just sooo fucked up.  So sorry you have that sort of family.  ((HUGS))

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