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Once again I got screamed at that Daniel will be taken away from me because I don’t let him watch TV. Hell I don’t watch more than 10 min of tv a day anymore. If EVEN I turn the damn thing on.

So somehow TV is supposed to teach my son to write, read, and talk. Oh…. makes me worried because before tv… what did they do?? Oh the horror!

I am so fucking pissed, I can’t take it living here anymore. I am going to snap.

posted on June 7th 2003 at 1:22PM CDT

Pooh!  I think that you are being a great mom.  I don’t watch much tv either.  I think it freaks people out because they feel insecure about it.  To me it is a little like teachers who let their classes watch Disney movies and such all of the time.  I don’t think that watching movies is what kids should do at school.  They are sent there to learn and for the teacher to teach, not be a baby-sitter.  However, say anything and they all jump all over you. 

Don’t worry about what they say about not letting him watch tv.  It is healthier for him.  I think you are right about the toy guns, too.

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