I had a blast hanging out at Mary’s tonight!

Bleh tomorrow… work. Always umm… a joy. I need to upload the pics I took tonight so I can show off my cute boy.

I talked to Matt earlier today, he is counting the days until he can be here apparently lol.

Tiny entry sadly enough because I need to get to bed soon to get up for work.

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posted on March 13th 2004 at 2:46PM CST

Bah! It’s been forever since I’ve been here!  Bad hostee, bad!
Hehe, well glad to see you’re back :D

posted on March 13th 2004 at 2:55PM CST

Awe, I’d bet it’s not only Matt counting the days!

Fun times w/ friends are so energizing!  How well do I know it!!!

Glad you’ve enjoyed yourself. 

Work is always, well, work. That tends to equal “bleh” but you know it’s great to have that $$ when you want to do something! It’s the law of opposition!

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