Why is it that my boss told me this morning “and Sarah do better on giving the sewer guy their messages, putting a piece of paper on the desk won’t make them read it”

I was stunned.

What led her to believe I didn’t give everyone their messages daily? Just because a customer calls every single day doesn’t mean the sewer guys don’t know about it. They are notorious for not returning calls, heck, my boss’s rarely return calls until it reaches a breaking point!

I always take down the message, radio the guy to tell him, and physically hand him the message when he is next in the office.

I am not able to force them to call back.

Or how about when the male boss who is rarely in the office, makes comments like “you need to be more organized” because I have the paper tickets on my desk. Well since they don’t want to switch to a computer based program, what choice do I have? If I put them in a pile then it’s omg what did you do, if I line them up its not “organized”. Or how I need to “stay on top of things” on how many days the guys work since some are paid per day. Ummm… I write it down when I know they are here but unless I see them leave I don’t know if they worked 1/2 day or a full day or 1 1/2 days.

I get so fustrated because I was never trained and either I’m not doing something or I am doing something to help out for example I was writing down the information for the new digging jobs in the notebook, yes.. notebook, and when my boss came in she started to write the same stuff in and got angry with me for writing it in earlier that day. Yet just a few weeks ago she got mad because I was not writing it for the same reason.