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im a tad upset with this site she is using just about ALL my rainbow stuff!! i know i don’t palace anymore but i still mess with avs and what not when im bored….i had emailed her once before and got NO response but it does still upset me i mean just because its “palace prop” doesn’t mean i didn’t create it or that its not copyrighted! i already emailed another site and her host yesterday because she turned a lot of my avs and wings into psp tubes….veriria also had a problem with psp tube girl who stole *yes STOLE* like all of veririas avs too and the response is “its just palace u can’t OWN a prop its not copyright” and of course i get MUCH MORE upset these days i assume from the hormones since im not hurling as much my body must be dramatic somehow

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A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

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Changed the following to OSN:

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