I am just so utterly fustrated lately. Beware of heavy profanity heh.

I am tired of people having little hissy fits over me adopting out my fanlistings. I’m so sorry, but bitching at me is not going to make me lean in your favor. Gods forbid I am not online every single moment of the day to respond to an email or forum post about the fanlistings. I have a son to take care of. I am currently in a bad living situation. Fanlistings are not my main priority.

Some people might know me from the work I do on Pick-Me. I also feel bad about that because I do SO MUCH OF THE WORK and I don’t get reconized for it or a thank you or gods forbid paid on a regular basis for what I do.

I really wish people who claim their site validates CSS and/or XHTML actually uhhh DO! I can understand some subpages not fully validated or a blog entry messing up your XHTML validation but when it comes to core coding… come ON! I don’t care IF it validates as much as if you CLAIM IT DOES and it doesn’t.

I am tired of people copying my domain name. Yeah. This one. The one I got back in November of the year 2001. Almost FOUR FUCKING YEARS. Sure copy my brilliance.

Along those lines. I am so fucking sick of people who can’t come up with a SINGLE ORIGINAL THOUGHT in their fucking heads. Is it THAT hard to stop being a fucking sheep?

I am tired of people associating themselves with things I do. You didn’t help me. You didn’t stay up all night just to make sure that last page was perfection.

I am pissed that we have a president, I use that term every so loosely, that screwed up the economy SO FUCKING BAD that parents like myself can’t get a fucking job for even fast food to support our children.

I am beyond exhausted from dealing with people who don’t know a fucking thing about me. Guess what? Reading my blog every so often doesn’t even let you into 1% of what is going on in my life or what I am thinking. READ ME. That site says it all without all the cussing I most likely would have inserted. 

Those of you who DO know me, those of you that I share my world with. You know how hard I fucking work to keep my son happy, healthy, fed, safe, and clean.  Those of you who aren’t parents, who assume you know everything, you have NO FUCKING CLUE what it is like to give up your entire being, your heart and soul to this small child. So fucking selfish in your worlds where your concerns are based on your selfish needs. (Mind you this is directed to those who make fucking stupid assumptions when it comes to being a parent)

I have every single right in the world to be pissed off and fustrated. I was refused my rightful promotions at my previous job, the “reasons” included not having my own personal vehicle and because I had a small child. That I wouldn’t be able to focus soley on selling the clothing. Uh yeah. The people they ended up promoting that had their own vehicles and child-less? Let’s see, the one decided suddenly to move across the country, the other? Decided one day to literally stop showing up to work. Good choices *clap clap* great management skills. I also found out that since I left that job, their sales and credit card numbers have dwindled considerably in that store.  Besides the point I suppose.