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I am so excited that our plants seem to still be not only alive, but starting to produce as well!




{Sweet Peas}


I’ve already been able to harvest and use some of the basil and thyme which was fantastic! It’s to the point now where I wish we built a bigger bed or a second bed and stuffed that full of delicious goodness.

Yard wise, Keith has been working on the weed situation and slowly they seem to be dying off. I really wish we had the money to buy some trees or bushes. I specifically want lilac and magnolia. It drives me crazy because it seems like almost every house around here has two or more lilac bushes!

Last year we weren’t able to do anything to the yard or gardening wise because I was pregnant and on bed rest at the time so this year it feels like a HUGE undertaking to work on everything and get it back in order. Sometimes I wish we were able to be on that HGTV show Curb Appeal. Oh yes. I am ALL about the HGTV lately.

Plus I would love for someone else to fix our yard and paint the house for free in less than a week lol.

Yesterday Keith and our oldest, Daniel, worked on the yard a bit.


I also found these HUGE mushrooms growing out of a tree!


And lastly, for fun I planted some basil seeds in this old pesto jar and they’ve actually sprouted!


If you have a garden, how is it going so far?

posted on May 4th 2010 at 2:12PM CDT

My seedlings are ready to be transplanted. I really need a trellis or something because the ones in my window box are getting BIG. FAST. I believe they are morning glories. I can’t remember, sue me. Something green and pretty lol.

I literally JUST bought new gardening gloves (like.. 10 minutes ago) so that I don’t tear up my hands tomorrow with the hoe. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover the tulip bulbs fairly easy without destroying them. They need to be moved aside to make room for the other flowers.

I will definitely post pictures tomorrow! :) Need to remember to take before and after shots of the space.

And of course, YAY for your stuff growing <3

posted on May 4th 2010 at 3:26PM CDT

I SO need to get some gardening gloves. I never realized how hard it is to get dirt out from my fingernails lol!

I CAN NOT WAIT for fall bulb planting. That should be totally exciting for me!

OMG can’t wait to see your gardening photo post!

Joni Rae
posted on May 4th 2010 at 2:17PM CDT

I’ve discovered that we get some sun on the patio up against the house… I’m going to put a couple of those hard kiddie pools there and use them as planters :)

I wish I had more sun to work with!!! I’m jealous of your lovely growing things!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 3:27PM CDT

Oh I can understand that. Even now where the garden is placed I worry about sun. It gets between 4-6 hours a day due to the very tall trees on the neighbors side. However the backyard isn’t ready yet to plant anything!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 2:46PM CDT

Exciting! We’ve already used some of our cilantro, and our tomatoes are starting to flower as well (so I’ve been told…it was dark when I saw them last). This is my first year on my own, so it’s exciting!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 3:42PM CDT

It is exciting isn’t it! I need to harvest some of the cilantro soon it looks like.

posted on May 4th 2010 at 4:29PM CDT

How exciting! I would looooove to have my own garden. And you actually have fruit and herbs sprouting now. Holy green thumbs, Sarah. I can’t wait to see what kind of recipes you’ll post with all that yummy goodness you’ve got growing. :)

PS I hope Tristan’s doing better with the teething.

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:16PM CDT

It’s SO exciting! I now want to see if in the next month or so if we can put a bed in the backyard which gets even more sun and plant more tomatoes and herbs and such lol.

Oh yes, nothing has cut yet but his mood has improved as well as his sleep!

ericka @ alabaster cow
posted on May 4th 2010 at 5:48PM CDT

hi from sits!

totally jealous you have a garden! and those pics are gorgeous!

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:16PM CDT

Thank you so much!!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 6:46PM CDT

I can’t decide between the first strawberry photo and the ‘shroom photo, which one is my fave. I think I really like the strawberry.

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:18PM CDT

Thank you! I am SO excited about the strawberries!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 10:44PM CDT

Your garden is going great!! I love the photo of the new little seedlings :)

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:20PM CDT

Thank you so much! I have NO clue if I should thin out the seedlings when they get bigger or if I should just let them be and see what happens lol.

posted on May 4th 2010 at 11:34PM CDT

So pretty! No garden for us this year. Since we’re moving we’re missing out. I’m kinda sad about it.

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:21PM CDT

That must suck to not be able to garden this year! At least you still will have farmer’s markets yes?

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy
posted on May 4th 2010 at 11:41PM CDT

I love your blog design! This comment form is so neat!

Beautiful pictures! The strawberries are my favorite. Happy WW! Come on over to my blog and link up! :-)

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:21PM CDT

Yay thank you!!

posted on May 4th 2010 at 11:43PM CDT

Visiting from SITS. Those photos are great. My strawberries and tomatoes look about like yours. I’m not having luck with anything else this year. :( Even my never fail apricot tree is not producing this year.

posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:22PM CDT

Thank you! Aww that is not good! Do you know if it’s just poor weather conditions this season that’s causing your tree to not produce?

Nicholas Cardot
posted on May 5th 2010 at 1:31PM CDT

Those pictures are excellent. Those tiny little strawberries just look amazing. I bet they’ll taste just as great as when they ripen. What kind of camera did you use for those?

posted on May 5th 2010 at 11:53PM CDT

Thank you so much! I use a Nikon D90 with a variety of lenses and such. I believe I used my Sigma 105mm macro for these shots.

posted on May 5th 2010 at 2:38PM CDT

i love it!!!! we live in an apartment so no garden :( but one day!!

posted on May 5th 2010 at 11:53PM CDT

Are you able to have a window box or container garden maybe?

posted on May 5th 2010 at 5:15PM CDT

We just did the backyard spruce up this weekend–which mainly consisted of shoveling up the mountains of winter-time dog poop all over the place and trying to blow out all the pine needles that decided to take up residence. I’m jealous that you already have strawberries on and tomatoes–we’re about a month behind you weatherwise!

Stopping by from SITS

posted on May 5th 2010 at 11:55PM CDT

LOL see that is a HUGE reason why I am more of a cat fan!

I am so wishing we planted MORE. I’m not sure when you can stop planting actually… something to google I suppose lol.

posted on May 6th 2010 at 2:40AM CDT

We recently planted a few vegetables in pots since we don’t have much of a garden, they are coming along nicely! I’m going to do an garden update post later today if you want to check it out :) We planted coriander (cilantro?), basil, rosemary, chives, scallions, baby leeks, baby courgette, chantenay carrots, runner beans and salad leaves! I’m so excited.

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:24PM CDT

Oh I am SO going to keep an eye out for your gardening post! Oh I so wanted to grow salad greens and such but wasn’t sure how much room I would need, maybe I can convince the boyfriend to build me another box soon lol.

posted on May 6th 2010 at 8:00AM CDT

Wonderful macro shots! Glad you are enjoying your adventure. Stopped by from SITS. Have a wonderful day.


posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:26PM CDT

Thank you so much Lizzie!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 9:34AM CDT

I love this time of year when everything is budding, blooming, growing! Looks like your garden is going to be fabulous!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:29PM CDT

Oh I know! It really helps get over the cold and bitter Winter doesn’t it!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 10:08AM CDT

Your garden is coming along great! I can’t wait till ours gets going that great!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:30PM CDT

Thank you! The cilantro is doing REALLY well so far which is exciting!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:31AM CDT

I just blogged about how sad my flower beds look. I desperately need some of your knowledge and green thumb skillz!
Looks great.

Stopping in from SITS!


posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:31PM CDT

I need to check out your gardening post!

Oh please, I have no skills LOL! I just get everything planted and think positive thoughts that the majority of the plants won’t die!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 3:46PM CDT

Wow…that must be such a good feeling when you get to see your hard work pay off and the plants and seeds grow. I am getting out my gardening gloves this weekend, just bought two big bags of compost and I am looking forward to changing and creating a lovely little space in my backgarden, as I have only recently moved in. Loving your blog and stopped by from SITS. Have a great day
Laura x

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:33PM CDT

Thank you! I think next year will be even better because this year is sort of a trial run, see what works and what doesn’t work.

posted on May 6th 2010 at 7:04PM CDT

We picked our first cherry tomato yesterday, another one will be married tomorrow and 10 more various tomato types in progress of growing! Squash plants are full of blooms, cucumber about to bloom, one bell pepper on the way and about a dozen bell pepper blooms on the way. Cantaloupe, lima beans, lettuce, and pumpkin all focusing on growing nice and strong! Can’t wait to eat from our first veggie garden ;)

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:34PM CDT

AH so exciting! I think it will be another month or two before we see any tomatoes. You must live in a warmer climate to have everything blooming and producing already, so jealous!

posted on May 7th 2010 at 10:11AM CDT

Yeah, we live in South Alabama! Very much a HOT climate! We are already feeling the 90s creeping up on us!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 10:21PM CDT

Our garden is slowly starting to come around, our spinach is going insane, the tomatoes are going nicely, as well as the chives, spearmint and even the sunflowers! We’re pleased with the progress so far.
Stopping by from SITS!

posted on May 6th 2010 at 11:36PM CDT

OH I bet the sunflowers will be SO awesome! We are working on the weed issue right now and then we can work on actual landscaping/flowers/etc.

posted on May 13th 2010 at 9:23AM CDT

Congrats on the garden – it’s looking wonderful!! I can’t say mine is doing quite as well, but we’re getting there…I have stuff sprouting but that’s it!

Good luck, I hope it keeps going so well for you :)

posted on May 13th 2010 at 10:47AM CDT

Thank you! We are planning on cutting the tops of some of the trees to allow for more sunlight as right now they get 4-5 hours and I know they need more like 8-10 hours of sun.

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