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I feel so simply adored when we get new Gbook entries! OH and when people sign up for a review or for the updates list…..its like *gasp* people CARE! I made a few more sets last night depending on whats more “clickable” will be what i will make more in the future…..isn’t it kinda funny that even though I left palace people still involve me? I am infamous! people will know of Sprite years to come ahhahahaahhaha ohhh today is tuesday that means new buffy & angel!! woohoo!! actually, its pretty funny how many people are too scared to say “evil” crap to me personally…..they won’t email…..if i get an IM its under a hidden name…..or I just hear about it second hand…..geez have guts people….little prissy attacks are pathetic! i mean even when someone i dislike totally is attacked, its still pathetic because dude how stupid is it that no one has guts to say whom they really are? anyways that was a totally OT rant! then again I just woke up so I am allowed those hahahahahhhhahha hmmm what to do