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Matt went to get his paycheck today, they LOST the damn thing! So after an hour of him calling the main people, tracking down managers, etc, they finally find the darn thing. What happens? They call ME!! “Hi is Matt there? This is Kmart, we found his check” I replied, “HE IS IN THE STORE WITH YOU, For crying out loud!!” So I called Kmart once I hung up, after fighting with this woman who kept transfering me all over, to page Matt, I talked to him and he told me that he got bitched out (aka the rude lady blamed HIM for THEIR losing his paycheck!) by the nasty people. UGH!

I have not slept because of Matt going to get the check, chubs is sleeping, and it is freakin cold! I have to go to the grocery store and do a load of diapers today for laundry.

I just hope Matt comes home soon.

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posted on February 20th 2003 at 12:07PM CST

UGH damn people!  Glad they found his check.  Where have you been?  I have missed chatting with ya. I hope to talk w/ ya soon!  =o)

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posted on February 20th 2003 at 2:31PM CST

I’ve heard this going on with KMart before. I think it sucks!  Hope you get some sleep and everything you need doing done. :)

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posted on February 20th 2003 at 5:15PM CST

damn hon, i’m sorry to hear all that. keep your chin up. *big hugs*