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I love my boss, some people backed up almost hitting her brand new truck mind you, to get scrap metal, I asked “Can I go and take care of them?” so she said “Go right ahead!” and I got to go outside and be all “YOU GET OUT OF MY DUMPSTER NOW! Did you take that out of MY dumpster? Put it back NOW!” hehehehe omgosh it feels so good to be all talking loudly and sound like an imposing person especially after some of the evil phone calls I dealt with today! So yeah both guys did what I said and I had to strictly explain that you may never steal our garbage.

My brother does scrap metal and I don’t believe he is THAT rude to not even ask us if they can steal our stuff!


posted on March 17th 2005 at 3:29PM CST

isn’t it technically anybody’s if its in the garbage? or does it have to be out on the curb? or are your dumpsters like hidden behind the building?

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