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Matt earned points with me today by emailing me this

from the moment i saw you and we drove off in my car wait do you hear that to the first time you walked into my bedroom with just a towel on your hair dripping wet and your body calling me closer these are the memories we have built together i remember the night you gave me your heart n soul and we made love for the first time 2 years pass and you gave me the news of daniel how lucky we were to have him and have more love in our lives when i look at him i see his sweet smile and hear his laugh i only think of you his beautiful mother my sarah my love my life and my soulmate i love you

posted on October 28th 2003 at 10:56PM CST


(…yeah, I’m real elaborate tonight.)

posted on October 28th 2003 at 11:02PM CST

Lucky gal

posted on October 31st 2003 at 4:55AM CST

Oh my god that is so beautiful , that almost made me cry!