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Someone explain this to me because I am so totally lost hahah

I will be working on Labor Day. 11am until about 10pm. I will be tired!!

(damn I love steak… none of that well done crap for me!)

I need to update all fanlistings again, I did it what one day ago? I have a lot of new ones :)


I work tomorrow, 1-7p… seriously… anyone go to Woodfield? Pop in and say hi to me lol plus everything (except accessories and sleepwear!) are buy one get the 2nd half off, so yeah if you bust in up until Wednesday catch that sale at Lane Bryant and say Sarah told you about it! Oh and get the credit card and say Sarah had you get one lol

I am just really out of it so I am sorry for not making any sense!

Why is my son rubbing a votive candle on his belly and giggling? Uh huh that’s MY child yep!

Okay that is enough for now because I don’t want to send people running from me screaming in horror!

posted on August 24th 2003 at 12:26AM CDT

How cute!
WIth the whole candle thing!

and i didn’t understand what that site was saying about the sexiness either…

posted on August 24th 2003 at 1:12AM CDT

You have a beautiful site!

Sweet Re
posted on August 24th 2003 at 5:26AM CDT

lol, interesting blog. 11am-10? Thats crazy. Thats cute, about your kid and the candle, awww…I love kids!

posted on August 24th 2003 at 7:24AM CDT

Your website is really beautiful (not to mention your fanlistings). Thanks for the congrats on my upcoming handfasting!

posted on August 24th 2003 at 9:53AM CDT

Kids do the strangest thing with candles. I once saw the two year old put a few votives in a wicker basket, and sing Mary Had a Little Lamb to them. Of course, it’s my house, so there we go.

posted on August 24th 2003 at 1:29PM CDT

You have such lovely fanlistings! I joined one

posted on August 24th 2003 at 6:44PM CDT

That is just to cute..lol. Your son rubbing a candle on his tummy and giggling..:) Anyhow I need to run so catch you later..=9

posted on August 24th 2003 at 6:52PM CDT

It is because you are so uber cool. *bows*

I love votive candles. I like them a lot more now that I’m not terrified of burning myself while lighting a match. (I never used to be able to do it. Yep. Laugh it up. :P)

posted on August 24th 2003 at 7:16PM CDT

Oh wow… This layout is utterly breathtaking. I can’t stop staring at it!! Great job, and I absolutely mean that. wow.

posted on August 24th 2003 at 10:45PM CDT

so cute about your son! and i’ll be sure to check out those fanlistings. they seem pretty cool =D

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