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Matt just called me lol he risked “life and limb” to call because his car is crappy and it is snowing and there is a hill… anyways that cracked me up. He told me of some stuff he got for our son, which he will just adore!

I think if chubs takes a nap, I will finish the laundry, take a shower, maybe make some sort of holiday greeting video, take some pics of what my sister got me since she got me nifty things… clean the kitchen, perhaps bake…. something… not sure what I have in the kitchen if anything… aside from biscuit stuff lol. Then if I have more time, I will add some more skins and do some overhauling on OSN.

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posted on December 26th 2003 at 1:07AM CST

Who uses the phrase “life and limb” anymore? That’s truly classic! And I bet Daniel will love whatever he got. I love seeing little kids faces light up at new things, so that should be fun.

Overhauling seems to be the word of the day. If only I had the motivation to do it. ;)

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posted on December 27th 2003 at 3:44PM CST

Kids are so adorable on Christmas.  Bet Daniel had a wonderful time.
I keep meaning to ask you, but always forget, if you could help me change the style of the comment box on my blog since I have no idea how to do it.
Overhauling is the word of the day, and I need to do some too!