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I’ve not done anything this weekend except for grocery shopping and going out to Sweet Tomatoes last night with my sister, her fiance, and my son.  Since I planned ahead, I got all the goodies to make ribollita tonight (I got some lovely prosciutto and crusty bread) for dinner if it turns out I will try and remember to take a few photos.

Speaking of photos, Jess and I have come up with a Flickr group, OneLotus! OneLotus is a weekly photography project to help y’all try and stay motivated when you are lacking or just something fun and inspiring to participate in. Basically, each Sunday we’ll post a theme which could be very specific (water drops), to a word (naughty), or even perhaps an inspirational quote (uhhh something inspirational here!). So you can shoot some photos with the theme in mind, discuss it, add it to the pool and have fun! Whew! Go check it out and join because you love me!

Danny wanted to make dough (flour and water) so I cleaned the kitchen completely up and now he is in cooking heaven. I seriously need to crack down and decide what big gift I want to get him for Yule. It’s a toss up between a child’s guitar or a cheap digital camera or a toy kitchen, although I don’t have room for the kitchen it’s super neat. All I want for presents is whatever is on my wishlist.

I will try and add more to this entry later!

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