Glass is evil

August 30th 2005 / 1 minute to read

I just was on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor because somehow Daniel did SOMETHING with the glass jar of salsa in the refrigerator that made it explode all over the floor, yet it remained in the fridge without getting any glass or salsa in the fridge itself. I am not happy right now.

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Ah! Hope you didnt hurt yourself!

Reply to Tara

Sarah, I just wanted you to know this since I don’t know whether the salsa was home made or store bought and I’d hate to see Daniel or yourself get sick, but tomatoes will explode when spoiled, contaminated (sometimes by cross contamination) or not processed correctly. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s before the expiration date or not.

It does this when bacteria forms in the jar, mixing with the componants of the tomato acid. This causes a chemical reaction in the form of a gas that explodes when the jar is opened.

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