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Jodi Hall

I love that song! pretty pictures :)

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LOL I will admit, the phrase is from one of my favorite nail polishes… no joke. Deborah Lippman – Glitter in the Air. Although I believe the polish was inspired by the song!


These photos are magical!

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Thank you!!


that’s pretty nifty lookin :)

Reply to Jenny

Makes me long for a bonfire! Gorgeous pics… love how you captured the sparks and/or floating bits from the fire; they truly look like glitter in the air :)

Aww thank you so much!!

Thank you so much!

lovely – I adore watching a bonfire! I wish my photos of the bonfire had come out better – I was a lovely retreat this weekend – up all night drumming and dancing, there was even arrow breaking and firewalking!

The trick is to shoot wide open, I did all of these handheld!

Amanda Jillian

Glitterly Lovely Magically Fire

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Thank you!

Nina Amelia

Looks cozy :) What’s the occasion?

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LOL burning the boards from the broken deck. FUN!

Jennifer Tait

Just wondering how you got into photography? Why did you choose Nikon? My film camera broke a while back and I decided instead of spending the money to try and get it fixed (it is so old they may not be able to) I bought a new digital Nikon. Is there any advice you would give a beginner like maybe take a class or websites you found helpful. Thanks.

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