Glorious Baby

March 26th 2010 / 1 minute to read


Aren’t sleeping babies just so sweet?

Couldn’t help myself, just admire the cuteness of my sir nummies!




I make such awesome children!

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I LOVE that first picture!

Come take pictures for me? :)

Reply to Ashley

LOL thank you! I shot that from my desk actually, just loved the quality of the light!


OMG Your comment boxes are SO MUCH WIN!!

Tristan is SO cute! He looks like he wants to play and kick around. Squee!

Reply to Sara

Aww thank you! Oh yes, he is such a sweet active happy baby! Just like Danny was as a baby! Like I always say, I breed cuteness lol.


OMG! He is so precious!

Reply to Danielle

Thank you! He is getting so big too, where have the past 6 months gone?!


Stopping by from SITS!

He is a doll!!!! Wow!

Reply to Mimi

Aww thank you!

Awww! What an adorable smile! And I agree with Ashley, that first picture is particularly great!

Thank you! I just really loved the light coming in, plus he just looked so tiny compared to the bed lol.


I just saw you over on SITS!!!! When did you join??

Reply to Danielle

Last night I started lol.


Aww, what adorable photos! He is just so precious!

Reply to Caity

Thank you Caity!


He is beautiful. I love that first picture. Sorry I haven’t been around.. been too wrapped up in my own bundle of joy who just turned 1 on Saturday!

Reply to Sharon

Trust me I understand! OMG I can’t believe he is a year old already, time flies doesn’t it!

Great photos Sarah! Tristan looks absolutely adorable. Does he have any teeth on the bottom yet? I just love his gummy smile up top. lol

Thank you! Yes, he has 2 bottom teeth. He got them at the same time actually at 4.5mo old!

He’s just so adorable! And yes, that first picture is awesome.

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