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I have 349 Gmail invites, so if you want one please let me know!

I update the amount every single time I give away a Gmail Invite. Do not ask me if I have “any more left” as the amount is updated often and is current.

*This entry will remain sticky until they are all gone!*


posted on December 19th 2004 at 3:19PM CST

No Gmail invites for me but thanks for asking. I have a hard enough time keeping all my other mail boxes read.

I do however want to wish you a Blessed Yule since I doubt I’ll catch you on Monday or Tuesday.  I also hope things are looking better for you :o)!

posted on December 20th 2004 at 10:40AM CST

I would love GMail.

posted on December 20th 2004 at 5:12PM CST

I’d appreciate a gmail invite:)
I love your layout by the way

posted on December 21st 2004 at 11:15PM CST

I love your layout. It’s so elegant.
I would love in invite if I may have one.  Thanks.

posted on December 22nd 2004 at 11:16PM CST

hey… cool site.. i wuv yer layout! anyway, can you send me one invite? please??? :)

posted on December 23rd 2004 at 10:42AM CST

This is not my first time to stop by your site but is my first time to comment.  I’ve admired your design for as long as I can remember; it’s absolutely lovely!

..and no thank you, I do not need yet another email account :D (much too hard to keep track)!  I saw that all those wanting one of your gmail invitations commented about how gorgeous your design is, and I thought I’d take to opportunity to sneak praises in myself.  Have a wonderful holiday season and take care!

Bo Brown
posted on December 27th 2004 at 12:02PM CST

Could you give me one please—thanks—

LJ = “brotherhug”

posted on December 28th 2004 at 8:23PM CST

Hope you have had great holidays, and hope you have a great new year. I’ve been visiting your site for a while now, and i really think it’s cute. I read awhile ago that you had been knitting, and i just want to say that I’ve always wanted to try.

But hey that’s nice that you’re giving gmail accounts out. I’ve been trying to get one. So if you could spare one for me, taht would be great.

posted on December 29th 2004 at 3:53PM CST

I would love Gmail. I’ve been trying to find people who offer the invites.

By the way this isn’t the first time I’ve been here. I usually go here for inspiration for my next layouts for my site.

posted on December 29th 2004 at 8:04PM CST

Pssst! When all of yours are gone, send everyone my way! I have probably 20 of them to give away myself! LOL

Hope you’re doing well and that your Solstice/Yule was a wonderful one! :)

posted on December 30th 2004 at 1:00PM CST

I’d love to have one. My current email isn’t accessible at base computers and chasing down the wireless internet is like chasing fish in the sea.

posted on December 31st 2004 at 6:49AM CST

hey! can i have a gmail acc? pretty pls.. thanks

posted on January 1st 2005 at 8:55AM CST

woo you have a lot of gmail invites!! yikes how come?
I alrwady have it though ..:)

posted on January 1st 2005 at 3:39PM CST

Hi there! I don’t know you, but I would take a gmail invite off your hands if you don’t mind. I followed a link from your beautiful felted bag in the customer made section of pippikneesocks.
(Your site layout and photography are beautiful, by the way….)

posted on January 1st 2005 at 10:26PM CST

I would love an invite if you have any more left

James Delnort
posted on January 2nd 2005 at 2:22AM CST

Happy Yule! I would love to accept your offer for a G mail invite if you still have it available.

Thank you!


posted on January 2nd 2005 at 8:52PM CST

nice layout. may i plz have a invite ty.

posted on January 3rd 2005 at 11:23PM CST

Indeed, gmail does own. Its very nice of you to give out so many.

posted on January 4th 2005 at 1:35PM CST

A happy New Year to you. :wow:

If you still have some Gmail invites left, please may I make so bold as to beg one and so enable me to abandon my last connection to the Redmond world?

posted on January 4th 2005 at 6:12PM CST

Happy 2005. Wow you go a lot of gmail invites. I only have 6 to give away.

posted on January 4th 2005 at 10:19PM CST

Hi, was wondering if your offer is still on. To be honest, I want a gmail account so badly, you have no idea. Lol. Would really appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thanks! :)

James Delnort
posted on January 5th 2005 at 11:20AM CST

I would love one if you’d be so kind to offer me one! Thank you!

posted on January 5th 2005 at 10:25AM CST

hi:) can i pls have an invite too? ThanK u n god bLess

James of Hot Blog and Relish.com
posted on January 5th 2005 at 9:34PM CST

Happy De-lurking Day!

posted on January 7th 2005 at 12:52PM CST

Can i please have a Gmail Invite? Or are they all gone :’(

Love the site you have running here I havent been here before but I really like it :P

posted on January 8th 2005 at 12:15AM CST

Merry Meet,
This background is beautifully elegant.I can honestly say I have not seen one similar to this before.I am new here but if you do have any gmail invites left I would appreciate one.
Brightest Blessings,

posted on January 10th 2005 at 3:52AM CST

I would love a gmail invite. By the way, your layout is gorgeous!

posted on January 15th 2005 at 2:01PM CST

What a wonderful layout! I’m impressed. Well, I’d love to have a Gmail invite. Thanks and blessed be.

posted on January 17th 2005 at 1:14AM CST

Hi Sarah, you don’t know me from Adam, but I used to use the recently updated code you wrote, and I’m in need of it or a comparable alternative again, desperately. Do you still have that handy by chance?

posted on January 20th 2005 at 9:13PM CST

Pretty layout. I have a hard time getting rid of my own gmail’s lol.

posted on January 23rd 2005 at 1:53PM CST

hello! ^_^ hit me backs sometime…later <333

posted on January 23rd 2005 at 3:58PM CST

hey kool site i love the layout it looks really cute! i would love a gmail invite if you have some left! :) cheers

posted on January 24th 2005 at 3:59PM CST

If there are any left, I would adore a g-mail invite.

Btw, I’m so glad you and gina got pagan@osn back up again, I was thinking it was dying there for a bit.

posted on January 25th 2005 at 10:16PM CST

I have just started on learning ‘tarot’ and i have posted a personal reading on my site.

I got to know about you by surfing blogger for people who like tarot. Could you help me by sharing whether my reading of the tarot cards are correct? I would appreciate any knowledge you might want to share about tarot cards and interpretation…

This is my site:

Thank you

posted on January 26th 2005 at 12:03AM CST

You have a beautiful site..

I would love an invite if you have some remaining :)

posted on January 26th 2005 at 5:29PM CST

Hello. I am 13 years old and a very interested in exploring and getting to know Wicca. If there is anything you can send me or inform me about please do. My mother is Christian and getting around her is hard. Thank you ! I would also appreciate an invite . ThAnk you ! HAVE A NICE DAY !

posted on January 27th 2005 at 1:49AM CST

hun, do you mind sending me one? :)

posted on January 27th 2005 at 7:21PM CST

I would appreciate an invitation to Gmail.

Thanks in advance

posted on January 29th 2005 at 12:53PM CST

I don’t need an invite, but how does one acquire 40+ invites? I thought they only give you 10?

posted on January 29th 2005 at 10:10PM CST

I would love one! Thanks. :-D

posted on January 30th 2005 at 1:31PM CST

This is my first time here … Your lay is so nice and elegant. I’d like a gmail invite if you could just hand em out like that… lol

posted on January 30th 2005 at 5:25PM CST

ooh i lurve this layout, i like the colors and the pictures. This is my first time here! And i would like to have a gmail invite….but i suppose they’re all gone now. ^_*

Quote: I don’t need an invite, but how does one acquire 40+ invites? I thought they only give you 10? 

really…how’d you get 41?

posted on February 1st 2005 at 11:51PM CST

hey! remember me? hehe.. it’s been awhile, girl! but i’ve been following your knitting escapades with much awe. i too am a knitter, but not as versatile as you!

i linked you on my site, actually have had you linked forever cause i looove coming here :D but if you wanna be affiliates, that would rock.

oh and if you have any gmail invites left, feel free to send one my way ;)

posted on February 5th 2005 at 10:42AM CST

I would love an invite if it’s not too much trouble. Thank you for offering them out!

posted on February 6th 2005 at 7:05PM CST

I would adore a gmail invite if you would wish to give one to me.

posted on February 7th 2005 at 8:24PM CST

May I have a Gmail invite? Please?

posted on February 8th 2005 at 12:16PM CST

I would like to try one too!

posted on February 9th 2005 at 3:06AM CST

348??!!! Holy shit, how did you get so many invites??

Pardon my francoise.

posted on February 10th 2005 at 2:52PM CST

i want a gmail invite. thanks !
how did you get so many invites?

posted on February 11th 2005 at 10:59AM CST

hey ! i’ve been looking for gmail invites for ages. can i get one? btw just looked at your snowflake photo. cool !

posted on February 12th 2005 at 9:28AM CST

You have a mega-pretty site. May I have a G-mail invite? I feel like I’m missing out. :|

posted on February 12th 2005 at 2:56PM CST

Wow, I’ve finally found this site!!! When I used to webdesign, I had this site listed as one of my favorites! I’m glad I finally came here from another site. :D I see it still hasn’t changed and maintains that distinct, ‘soft’ look that I liked in the past as well.

And ah, GMAIL. It seems to be all the craze. How were you able to obtain 348 invites?! :O That’s the most invites I’ve ever seen! Though I’d like to know what the craze is all about, I’ll hold off on that for now and wait ‘til its final release. :) Take care and I’m lovin’ this site! <3

posted on February 15th 2005 at 12:56AM CST

sure, i could use a gmail invite

posted on February 20th 2005 at 9:32PM CST

yeesh, and i thought having 10 gmail invites was making me a cool girl. you’ve way out-cooled me!! lol.

posted on February 21st 2005 at 7:19PM CST

I would appreciate a GMail invite. :red:
I’ve lurked around here for quite a while, I just never really make myself seen. I do love your site though. I’ll stop now. :)

Russell Scott
posted on February 22nd 2005 at 1:41AM CST

hello. I would love a Gmail invite. Please send me one, becasue I hate deleting email messages and need a bigger box. thanks.

posted on February 22nd 2005 at 2:23PM CST

Hey !! Wat yall doin? I LOVE your gmail invites, but I dunno what they are !! Sumone please explain !! Thank you. I am enjoying Wicca, and am more experienced, btu I still dont knoe what a gmail invite is. I appreciate everyones support…Thanks. Love the site !!!!
Love britnie

posted on March 5th 2005 at 1:54PM CST

ohhhh! please send me a gmail invite! i was looking for one just the other day :-)  luck me, eh?

Jason Butts
posted on March 26th 2005 at 10:55PM CST

I would love a gmail invitation. Thanks for giving them out.

posted on March 27th 2005 at 2:39PM CST

I would like to have an invitation. It is very kind of you giving them out:D

posted on April 13th 2005 at 12:36AM CDT

I’d love a Gmail invite! Thanks in advance :)

posted on April 19th 2005 at 8:25PM CDT

Hook me up with one of those, please. :)  Much appreciated.

posted on April 24th 2005 at 3:02PM CDT

Hey, you don’t know me, but I just stumbled across here and as I’ve wanted a Gmail account for a while now, I thought I’d comment and ask you for one. :)

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