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November 12th 2003 / 2 minutes to read

It was a mistake to work yesterday. Not only did I not feel well still, but the second I came in, I am given work that is really not meant for me. Then later on I am told to “seperate” from a co-worker (she was folding next to me… ohh we are bad girls) that somehow “i know you are *sick* Sarah but I want to get the hell out of here tonight” as if somehow I alone had the power to control leaving at a decent time.

I am still sick, still a really bad cough which sucks.

I do not know what to do about this job. I am starting to hate it. I mean intensely hate it. I get very angry just thinking about it. I guess when I work tomorrow, during my break I will go to a few stores in the mall and get applications, then on Friday I will turn in the applications and try to schedule interviews. I saw that BestBuy was hiring cashiers, but when I asked my sister to take me down to apply, she blew me off on that.

Matt is visiting next week, so that should be interesting. I am sure some of you remember his last visit lol. He is already planning to visit again in January for Daniel’s 2nd birthday.

I was just thinking… how much it bothers me when people say something like:

“I really don’t like to eat chips but I am going to eat chips and I shouldn’t whine because I know some people don’t get to eat at all!”

If you want chips, eat them! Chips is an example, people do that kind of crap for more serious things too. I know that made no sense except to me lol.

I am just.. reading some old blog entries… from 2001 lol. I was so much perkier then! I was more fun! I was very pregnant too lol.

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I remember being perky and pregnant. Those were the days!  I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stay pregnant just to obtain that level of perkiness again though. haha Somehow everything seems to have a balance of good and bad, doesn’t it seem? 

Hope that cough of yours improves soon!

Reply to Barb

hey we’re in the same boat.. i’ve been sick for like 2 weeks, and i have a horrible cough that i can’t get rid of. where do you work? i hope you find a new job that you like better, i hated my old job and i quit without a backup job and now i’m screwed!

Reply to jennifer

i know exactly what you mean about going into a job that you hate… :D Hope you get some interviews! Good luck!

Reply to maddy

Aww, it seems like a lot of people aren’t liking their jobs.  I guess that’s what a job is though..a job.  Maybe jobs aren’t supposed to be fun.  That potato chip thing didn’t make any sense to me, but I guess it’s stupid if people do say that.

Reply to Amanda

Lovely new layout!  But, you poor dear girl, still sick!  At least it doesn’t sound like you’re on the verge of death anymore, lol.

Reply to Melissa

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