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So tonight I went with my sister to the recplex and walked a billion laps and then took some of the ‘ced (excedrin migraine) and she threatened… I mean… joyously bounced and jogged with her lithe figure how we will do this hellish bonding again tomorrow.


I mean I don’t mind mentally working out, it’s just my body is all BITCH PLEASE and chicken necks at me and well… I am not one for confrontations. It’s much easier to control my food through Weight Watchers heh.

I cleaned under my bed yesterday and found two overdue library books, of course they belong to the library like 15 miles away so I have to suck it up and return them this week. Speaking of books I am totally into Kim Harrison books right now! Adore!

Ok wee tiny entry, time to prance to bed, go visit Imagine and Vibrant.

ETA Sept 13th 2006

I don’t have much for another entry. I went back to the rec plex and not only did a mile on the track but did about 3/4ths of another mile on the treadmill!

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posted on September 12th 2006 at 11:33PM CDT

HAHAHA Billion = one mile.  20 minutes mile hells ya!  Just wait and see what a month will do.  Soon you will jog some laps WITH me!  More tomorrow!!!

posted on September 12th 2006 at 11:35PM CDT

Damn can’t edit comments.  I was gonna add now you gotta shake that ass and burn off a bra,pants and new shoes.  You look good in those workout pants mommy and your bountiful bosom doesn’t well..bounce all over :)  See we got you hooked up!

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