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Good Times

Keli and her family came up yesterday. We had SUCH a kick ass time! We all went to Taste of Chicago. It was amazing in retrospect how much we walked! Her daughter is a few days shy of being 1 yr. So we were rotating the babies from arms to carrier to stroller. It was just so awesome!! So we pranced about, ran people over with the stroller, saw this girl in seriously 12 inch heels… how the hell she could walk is beyond me!! After we went back to their hotel and nursed the babies then let them play. SO SO cute, so we ordered some pizza and wine and I finally got home around 1:30am hahaha.

When we were walking back to the car after being downtown, we saw this building that the lights…. seriously looked like the word HO to us. I said, “wow they must have seen me coming!”

It was just so awesome! I can’t even put into words what a fantastic time I had!

So I slapped pictures of Daniel up, him playing with Kamdyn (her daughter who I swear has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen!) and Deep (her husband who had NO problem hauling the babies around for us lol)

So yes… if you want to see the tons of pics lemme know and I will give you the URL!

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posted on June 29th 2003 at 9:10PM CDT

hey Sarah,
glad you had such a great time! you needed to get out and about! i would love to see the pics of daniel. ;)

Angel Whispers
posted on June 29th 2003 at 8:33PM CDT

So glad you had a good time, Sarah.  You certainly needed it and deserved it!  I would love to see the pics.  :o)

posted on June 29th 2003 at 11:07PM CDT

I would love to see the pics. :) I’m so glad you had a great time, you more than deserved it. I agree with my twin, many thanks to both Keli and her husband for treating you to a wonderful day. :)

posted on June 30th 2003 at 11:20AM CDT

I wanna see :D

posted on June 30th 2003 at 3:23PM CDT

I’d like to see also :)

posted on June 30th 2003 at 8:09PM CDT

Gimme Gimme

posted on July 1st 2003 at 3:54PM CDT

Hey, I was at Taste of Chicago last year? year before? my memory fails me… We were there for the FREE concert—I believe it was YES that year. Who was playing this year? We had an absolute blast but our Free concert cost us over 800.00 because we wound up staying at the Regency Hotel and ordering room service and shit.  I bet we were the only ones that came into the Recency in full motorcycle gear!  Hubbster and I were so pissed being on the umpteenth million floor and not even being able to spit out the window on the haughty bitches below! We had fun too… can you tell? haha

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